Combine Reform – getting players to the next-level

My primary objective during 40 years of coaching football always has been and always will be #StayAlive – dual meaning. First: Players staying alive in mind-body-soul. Second. Keep players’ next-level dreams alive.

Football is a matter of life-and-death – dual meaning. First: you can die playing football. Second. Your next-level dreams can die by not playing #groundbreaking football.

#Groundbreaking football is 5th Degree High Performance that distances you from the rest – dual meaning: First: distances you from the competition who are fighting for scholarships and fighting to #TurnPro. Second: distances you from excessive down-time.

There is no greater coaching reward than getting student-athletes to the next-level. None. Zero exceptions. But getting players to the next-level sounds like fun until it has to get done. What has to get done will make the uncommitted come undone. 

I’ve taught all my football players for 40 years – s/he who alleges must prove. That means if you want to be selected by the next-level, you have to prove hardcore, compelling evidence of 5th Degree High Performance beyond reasonable doubt. Mere suspicion is insufficient.

I devised a new #Combine, a work -in-progress that started in 1985, year 2 of head coaching career. In 1985, I made a #pledge to do everything humanly possible to get players recruited by college and pro teams, to never let student-athlete potential go to waste. The combine I devised was different than the NFL Combine because I believed then and I still believe now that the NFL Combine doesn’t allow players to prove their true, full capacity and true, full potential. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The conventional Combine skill, strength, and speed tests are conducted at full-strength, with minimum prior fatigue. This means that results are evidence of 1st quarter capacity – not 4th quarter capacity or 3rd quarter capacity or 2nd quarter capacity, and not #OvertimeStrength – dual meaning. Strength Deficit when the game goes into Overtime and the extent of strength developed over time.
  2. 225 lb. bench presses are not part of a #context, referring to a complete workout that shows 4th Quarter Strength. Conventional 225 bench press testing does not prove the extent of Strength Deficit caused by fatigue
  3. Incredibly, 225 lb. squats are absent. 
  4. 40 times do not prove the extent of Speed Deficit caused by fatigue.

Our combine includes:

  1. 225 bench press tests as part of an entire workout to prove 4th quarter strength and Overtime Strength.
  2. 225 squats as part of an entire workout to prove 4th quarter strength and Overtime Strength.
  3. Sprints after practice to prove 4th quarter and Overtime Strength.
  4. Full practices to show the #1 predictor of future performance – how a player practices. The full extent of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual energy invested during practice.

Our Combine Reform has facilitated some degree of next-level recruitment of 212 players at 4 different levels during 4 decades. Next-level recruitment is a ruthless Darwinian Selection Process that cuts the weak. Next-level recruitment is a manifestation of #groundbreaking mind-body-soul development that doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing just happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight.

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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