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Choose the right bar

I have coached football for 40 seasons. Number 41 has already started. I communicate several messages to my players but none is more important than ‘chose the right bar.’ You can choose to get hammered in a bar or hammer the bar in the gym. Getting hammered will destroy your athletic life. It will kill it prematurely. Getting wasted, wastes potential. The choice depends on the exercise of free will. Getting wasted inside a bar is a waste of time, waste of money, and waste of life. Getting wasted inside a bar often ends up in a bar fights, which is one of the single-most wastes of energy known to mankind. When I was a police officer between 1975-1990, the regular bar fights I had to respond to, gave me more evidence and more motivation and more inspiration to warn my players to pick the right bar fight – inside the gym.

Fighting a bar inside the gym will pay off with tangible and intangible dividends. First and foremost, it pays off with player safety. If you are a parent of a son or daughter playing contact sports, the starting point for player safety is building body armour inside the gym. Weak bodies are a threat in all combat sports. Weak bodies are easily broken through contact. Secondly, the gym builds the mental strength needed to prevent cracking under pressure – the pressure of an opponent who wants to flatten you and the pressure of the moment that requires you to bring out your very best when things are at their very worst.

It’s easy for parents and players to fool themselves by believing that a student-athlete can get in shape during the regular season. The regular season is not intended to get you in shape. The off-season gets you in shape. The regular season reveals the work you put in during the off-season. Waiting for the regular season to get in shape is the biggest danger that a student-athlete can be exposed to. Choosing the right bar will determine who gets flattened on the field and who does the flattening on the field. Choosing the right bar determines what gets wasted physically, mentally, and financially and what gets invested properly. Choosing the right bar determines where you end up – first place or the basement. Choosing the right bar determines what shape you’ll be in for the rest of your life.

This is an excerpt from a new book I’m writing called “Lifter’s High” that explains motivation in a way that never been done before. My workouts this week have kicked up a notch. I don’t want to waste one moment of the summer with garbage workouts. And, the World Cup has arrived. I heard the usual bullshit on a sports talk show recently about how soccer is boring, not enough scoring, and all the nonsensical rhetoric that tries to put down an epic athletic event. The typical NFL game has about 10 minutes of real action in a 60 minute game. Check hockey scores and you’ll see a close resemblance to soccer scores. Ninety per-cent of a baseball game is watching 2 guys play catch. I’ve coach football my entire adult life and can’t understand putting down any athletic event that tests guts and balls. The World Cup connects planet Earth. I understand if you’re not a fan but putting down anything just because its foreign is flat-out wrong. And, to many people like me who are descendents of immigrants, the World Cup represents something more than sports. It reminds me of what my parents suffered through somewhere else to get me here, where I am today.

The introduction of teams at a World Cup game will give you the chills. Two teams and their flags enter the field while the FIFA Anthem is playing. The FIFA Anthem is part of my gym music playlist. It will be played every day for the next month. Here’s the link. It’s after my signature.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 Nat’l Coaching Certification Program
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head coach- Robert Bateman High School – GO WILD.
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