Fitness Soul of a Lifter


Soul of a lifter is not a weight lifting book but fitness is a star character in the book.  I started writing the book as a technical fitness book but it sounded boring so I changed it to a non-fiction novel, a different kind of motivational book with several themes.  Soul of a Lifter is unlike any book you’ve ever read. The writing style, the chapter sequence, and the messages are conveyed in a unique style that challenges the reader. The book explores the confluence of real events that connected real people from my careers. Soul of a Lifter explains lessons learned in policing, coaching football, college teaching, business, and working out. The focus is on the psychology and philosophy of performance –what makes us do what we do.

My workout philosophy is explained but Soul of a Lifter is not just about physical lifting. Lifting weight is just one of the main characters, a common thread that linked people and influenced outcome. But the book is not about working out.