Change the culture.

“Change the culture” is the new trend within the Football Establishment and the Sports Establishment even though its been around since the beginning of civilization. “Change the culture” is more PMS – Post Modern Society – perceived innovation, another example of how PMS takes the old and tries to make it sound new.

“Change the culture” really means #ShiftWork – dramatically shifting attitude toward work from hate to love. #ShiftWork is a concept that has worked during the entire history of wo/mankind – #WorkingClass work attitude. Unless you change your contempt for work, nothing works, nothing works out. #ShiftWork means shifting contempt for work to this basic principle – work your ass off to get done what needs to be done, especially after the rest are done before the work is actually done. 

“Change the culture” is PMS code-word for changing incompetence, laziness, apathy, lethargy, and all the conditions and States of Mind that sink teams into chronic losing and living in the basement of dead-last.

Private business has known the urgency of “Change the Culture” forever because when its your money on the line, you will go broke unless you change the culture of laziness. You will lose more than a football game. You will lose everything you own – finances and health in mind-body-soul. When its your money on the line, you won’t F-around online and you won’t let your team F-around online or on the line.

Frontline workers have known the urgency of “Change the Culture” forever because when its your life on the line, you will develop Zero Tolerance for a Losing Culture that ends up in more than habitually losing football games. A Losing Culture on Real-Life Frontlines loses lives.

With deep & profound love & respect to coaches and athletes who use the same, old, tired cliche of “Changing the Culture,” you are repeating what the Working Class has known forever. The Working Class knows that if you don’t work your ass off every single day, you get you ass kicked hard, every…single…day. The Playing Class needs to catch up to the Working Class. The Working Class has changed the culture long ago. It’s nothing new. 

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