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My #football team’s “no wild celebration rule” and no kicking rule started in 1985, my 2nd year as a high school head coach at the age of 28, when my football team embarrassed themselves by going berserk after we kicked 33 yard field goal.

A field goal is the consolation prize for incompetence, for not being good enough to score a touchdown. Kicking a ball over the opponent because you were too weak and too incompetent to go through them to the End Zone is one of the top 51 definitions of insanity. Earning 50% of a touchdown because of failure is counter-intuitive. Another definition of insanity is hysteria as a reaction to settling for a field-goal by some guy who doesn’t play the actual game. Hysteria by coaches and players to wildly celebrate ordinary success is sad & pathetic. I have taught my teams that grown men jumping and screaming over scoring any points is a sign of deep immaturity.

I banned kicking and all wild celebrations after that game in 1985, the same season we recorded a 10-0 championship season with the poorest team you can imagine, turning around decades of chronic losing. I taught my players that wild celebrations are for punks – triple meaning:

(i) shows you are not used to any success.

(ii) shows a lack of humility.

(iii) instigates the opponent.

The Football Establishment thinks they’re tough but in reality, they are hypocrites who settle for kicking a ball over people’s had to score half a touchdown because they lacked the balls big enough to do what they were supposed to do – cross the #Goal-line and score 6.

Field goal celebrations are sickening. Fans, players, coaches wildly celebrating a soccer play that constitutes evidence of fear and mediocrity. Our 3 decade no-kicking streak is a world record. No one in the entire Football World has the guts to do it. All of them are conformists who fear going for it, fear being different, and fear criticism and ridicule for being different despite the overwhelming evidence that n0-kicking works.

No-kicking and no wild celebrations are major elements of our SWAT Brand, a brand that no team nowhere has. We don’t just have a #culture, one of the top 26 most butchered words in sports. We have a 5th Degree Blue Collar Mentality that guarantees outworking anyone, anywhere – in the gym, in the classroom, on the practice field, on #GameDay. That mentality is what separates us from the rest. Our SWAT No-Huddle Offense is one example. It’s not just an high-speed offense. It’s a proven way to outwork any opponent, a way of breaking an opponent’s #WillToWork by forcing the opponent to work #BeyondTheirCapacity – a capacity they have never trained for, never experienced, and never will.

X Fitness Womens Lifting Team first set in 90 minutes. We never have and never will settle for easy, halfass workouts that fool yourself into believing you are making progress when you’re actually stuck in neutral and going in reverse.

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