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Case study in old-school athletic perseverance.

My biggest challenge as a coach and college teacher has been to convince adolescent students and athletes to believe in big dreams. Achieving ‘belief buy-in’ is my first objective because a ‘belief mindset’ starts a mind-body-soul high-performance chain reaction. The ‘belief mindset’ is non-negotiable because potential is at stake. During four decades of coaching and teaching, I have been blessed to have eye-witnessed extreme actualization of potential in students and athletes but I have witnessed just as much wasted potential. There is nothing worse than adolescent waste of potential because burying God-given gifts and talents is not an option for any of us. We are all blessed with God-given gifts and talents. If you waste them, it will hurt. The feeling of underachieving is hell. It always leads to inner conflict that, left unresolved, will turn to psychological and emotional turmoil.

#TheProcess of actualizing potential starts at the top with the right mindset. The leading cause of adolescent wasted potential is disbelief – lack of belief in self, in dreams, in the present, and in the future. Achieving ‘belief buy-in” doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing happens automatically or accidentally or overnight or randomly. Potential is actualized during a gradual #process, a long #process that require high-performance coaching and teaching.

Convincing adolescents to believe takes special leadership. The most ignored leadership role is the most important leadership role – parenting, teaching, and coaching adolescents. No leadership role is more challenging and demanding. The reason is the maturation process. Every process has challenges and demands but the maturation process from adolescent to adulthood is the toughest process of all.

Case studies give clues into the coaching and teaching #process needed to develop adolescent potential. The journey of Carlton Linton is a case study that teaches insights in the #process of developing the potential in adolescents. His journey involves crossing paths with the right people and the right time. Nothing just happened. Paths were crossed for a reason. When paths are crossed, an impact is always made, good or bad, to a small degree or a large degree. ‪#‎TheProcess guarantees that you will experience some degree of culture shock. The difference between winning and losing, between success and failure is the effect that culture shock has on you and your response to it.

Carlton Linton was a recent guest on Blunt Talk Podcast. The episode is called: #TheProcess – Culture Shock because Carlton explains the culture shock he experienced during his #process of learning to believe and actualizing his potential. The episode can be downloaded for free at:


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