Call your own plays.

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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,362 I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students, and women lifting teams for 45 years: call your own plays – dual meaning.

  1. make your own daily decisions to learn the life-saving will and capacity to make split-second, rapid-fire life & death decisions.
  2. If you’re a head football coach, call your own plays on offense, defense, special teams, and strength teams.

Here are the key points:

  1. The ability to think deep is a Divine Blessing. But, like physical muscle, it has to be worked and worked out. 
  2. Passing off daily decisions to Google, social media, and other people who you don’t know, deprives you of DMR – Decision-Making Reps. Learn for experts. But don’t relinquish decision-making. Big mistake.
  3. Passing your daily decision-making, passes up the opportunity to build the Intangibles – Instinct, Intuition, and Reality IQ.
  4. I never have coached a conventional Rich Team during my 40 year football career. Full-time coaching in addition to full-time real-life work is a deep, profound challenge. Coaching Poor Teams is a blessing but if you don’t develop a play-calling system and expertise, your team will become human tacking dummies and human blocking sleds.
  5. During 98.6% of my coaching career, I called all the plays on offense, defense, special teams, & strength training.
  6. The reason is that during the 1.4% of my career that I gave play-calling responsibilities to coordinators that turned into disasters. Nightmares. Hell. I can’t explain the pain of embarrassment and level of F-ups in words. You have to live it to understand it.
  7. Here’s why the hell happened – sounds like fun until it has to be done. 
  8. 98.6% want to call plays to fill a gigantic ego because the Football Establishment uses the word #genius for some guy who calls a no-brainer running play or pass play.
  9. No-brainer calls are those that you have invested a level of #HardReps that makes flawless execution repeatable – second-nature.
  10. I’ve taught my football players and college law enforcement students: you make the call a great call. Not vice-versa. You make coaches look like geniuses by busting your ass for 60 full minutes.
  11. Every bad play-call is the direct result of laziness & incompetence by players and coaches.
  12. Expert Play-Calling is an intellectual and psychological skill that requires gut-spilling #HardReps. 
  13. We never have a never will use a script. Reason? I believe in RDM – rapid decision-making that I learned during my police career to make spilt-second life-and-deaths. We make the call based on what we do best. We make the call based on what players have repped most.
  14. Play-callers have to invest the same number of #HardReps in practice that matches player’s #HardReps.
  15. We keep score in practice – dual meaning. We count points and count #HardReps. We record the quality & quality of practice reps.Without keeping track, you inflate you play-calling competence baed on zero evidence. Guesswork.
  16. I’ve taught my teams that you can’t learn play-calling by playing video games and fantasy football.
  17. You will never become an expert play-caller in Football Poverty if your singular purpose is to feed your ego and post selfies of you wearing a head-set on your News Feed.
  18. When a play fails, it wasn’t a bad call. It was the result of lazy execution and lazy coaching that failed to recognize lazy practice reps. 

Conclusion: Coaches don’t make great calls. Players make calls great.

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The job of Defensive Coordinator has never been easy. It’s getting tougher ever day. Without life-long learning, you stop earning – wins and jobs.

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