#BusinessSurvivalSkills: Part 3

During my 15 year police career, I lost count of how many #DomesticDisputes I investigated. 

Domestics are hell. Loved One versus Loved One fighting each other like Hated One versus Hated One. The level of domestic damage ranged from insult to assault. Verbal abuse to physical abuse. Death threats to actual death. Domestics revealed the depth of humanity’s inhumanity. Families turned turned to enemies. Senseless conflict and 5th Degree Dysfunction leading to catastrophic violence inside the sanctity of the home. 

Social media news feeds remind me of domestics. Senseless communication and 5th Degree Dysfunction leading to senseless conflict. Pages of rage. Scrolling news feeds has provided our business with Zero ROI: Return on Investment. Zero value in time and effort. Wasted time that corrupts your mind and distracts you from getting #strongerandsmarter and from doing the work necessary to survive 5th Degree Business Adversity during the pandemic. 

Here’s #BusinessSurvivalSkills advice that our business follows to survive our shutdown during the pandemic, for those who have asked:

  1. Social media detox is essential to health in mind-body-soul and in business.
  2. Every moment investment in scrolling social media news feeds represents #NeglectOfDuty. 
  3. Self-generated business imposes a duty on the owner to provide Business Necessities of Life. 
  4. Failure to provide Business Necessities of Life makes you a criminal, an offender guilty of trying to kill your own business.

This represents our business ideology. With deep and profound love and respect, I don’t care who agrees or disagrees. I have shared this out of generosity to those who send message every day asking about how we are handling the government shutdown of our business, X Fitness. I haven’t got the energy or time to worry about who agrees or disagrees. Our business ideology has worked out for us during 19 years of business survival in fitness and books.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

44 Division Street
Welland, ON
L3B 3Z6

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