#BusinessSurvivalSkills – Pt. 2 Assembly-line content – a matter of #business life-and-death

Creating and posting high-quality assembly-line online meaningful #content for your business is a matter of business life-and-death. #Content expertise doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. If you are having problems creating assembly-line meaningful #content for your business, here are 10 of the top 51 reasons why:

  1. Lack of 5th Degree Communication experience. The heart & soul of content is 5th Degree Communication, the capacity to express a chord-striking message better than any of your competitors and better than anyone on social media. 5th Degree Communication doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. And it won’t happen by posting juvenile amateurism day after day.
  2. Lack of life experience. The depth of content is directly connected to the depth of life experience. Statement analysis of any content posted online reveals the extent of life experience. 
  3. Lack of soul-lifting experience. Ordinary content won’t cut it. Ordinary halfass content makes zero impact and is forgotten. The best content is soul-lifting content. Without significant soul-lifting experience, the effect your content will be have will be severely limited. 
  4. Lack of stamina. Assembly-line content takes 5th Degree Endurance. Writing assembly-line content day after day tires out 98.6%. Without 5th Degree Stamina, you run out of gas and procrastinate while your competition buries you.
  5. Unwillingness and incapacity to disconnect. Screen addiction is the #1 barrier to 5th Degree Creativity needed to generate assembly-line content. Every moment you login, scroll, and consume mindless posts is another step backward intellectually.
  6. Lack of coaching/mentoring. Self-directed learning is the most inferior way to learn because the teacher is an amateur.
  7. Diminished self-confidence. Posting content exposes your IQ to the world. That pressure knocks the hell out of confidence.
  8. Excessive self-doubt. If you are an approval junkie, you are a potential victim of debilitating self-doubt when you post content on the #BigStage for the whole world to judge.
  9. Fear of rejection. 98.6% are unwilling and incapable of handling any type of rejection. If rejection causes 5th Degree Pain, you have zero hope of producing assembly-line online content.
  10. Fear of originality. Unless you fight it like hell, the Power of Conformity will tempt you to sound the same as everyone else. 98.6% have an intense fear of being different, of expressing their originality.

Good news – there’s a solution to all the problems that block you from producing high-quality assembly-line online content. Content me for the solution.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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