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Business Survival

Thank you for your questions about #buiness survival from those of you who have had their business shut down. Here are the basic 5 principles I follow:

1. Always focus on the #1priority – save lives. Nothing supersedes the priority of saving. 15 years of #policing that me that the moment you lose sight of the universal Divine Calling of #Serve&Protect, hell happens. A level of hell never experienced before.

2. Feed your family. This may seem obvious but it is a 3-word pledge that is an essential element of the #Survivors Mindset. Write it down with pen and paper. Tape it everywhere to remind you. If you go broke, your family will starve. If that does not motivate you to the 5th Degree, you have a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

3. Express 5th Degree #Gratitude every single day, as often as humanly possible. I learned a long time ago that private sincere genuine #gratitude, even during the worst hell, will always unleash SOULar Energy, the infinite inner source of spiritual energy that unleashes and multiplies when genuine #gratitude exceeds the magnitude of destructive mood. How to do this is a different story. To be continued.

4. Voice Activation. I learned in policing that when lives are on the line, activate the Necessary Voices only and shut out the rest. Shut out every irrelevant sound from anyone who has zero relevance to your crisis.

5. Block hard. To save lives and feed your family, take the drastic measure of blocking meaninglessness and toxicity that will poison your mind when you need clarity of thought to survive. Block out hearing and listening to anyone and anything that has zero significance to your survival objective. Never ever ever waste time reading or listening to amateurs who have never done F-all for anybody and never lifted anyone. Block out baseless opinions. Focus exclusively on people who have lived it.

This is just a warmup. I will share more on my blog at because my blog has more space.

Summary: To all sister and brother entrepreneurs – 1. Do not lose faith 2. First objective – save lives. Nothing is more important than 100% health.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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