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Business advice 101 – giving away for free makes you go broke.

I was blessed to have 2 public sector jobs for 35 years. I was a police officer for 15 years and then a college law enforcement professor/program coordinator for 20 years. I never worked for free. No one asked me to work for free. And I couldn’t work for free even if I wanted to. The moment I started a business, we were expected to give away for free and give rock-bottom discounts.

Giving away for free devalues you and your business. No one works for free. Let me repeat – no one works for free. If you dream about starting your own business, resist the temptation to give away for free. Giving away for free is the worst business practice, no exception.

New business survival is governed by the 10-90 Rule – over 90% of new business die. The #1 cause of business death is giving away for free. Make up your mind whether you want to be a non-profit charity or a profit-making business and earn a living just like people who work for other people do. 

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Gino Arcaro

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