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Building a powerhouse – L.I.F.T. part 2

Powerhouses don’t just happen. They’re built.

Powerhouses are built on power generated inside a gym, not inside a house. The difference between a heavyweight and lightweight is how much is lifted in the off-season. Lifting is the difference between a high-speed and low-speed team. The best way to lower your 40-time is bodyweight-management – lose body-fat and squat bodyweight. Lifting lowers both body-fat percentage and mind-fat percentage. Mind-fat percentage is commonly overlooked, taking a backset to body-fat. Mind-fat percentage and body-fat percentage are equally important. Mind-fat is a softness that gets in the way of championship development. It’s impossible to get in top shape physically without getting in top shape mentally. They’re connected. They work together in unison.

Lifting is the true secret to winning and winning big. It’s delusional to believe that half-assed mental and physical fitness will win championships. Half-assed makes a team fat-assed. Powerhouses are built on the principle of blue-collar work ethic. Powerhouse teams don’t abuse sick days. Powerhouses don’t want more paid leave. Powerhouses pay the price to leave the rest behind.

The L.I.F.T. program (Longhorns Iron Football Training) is intended to bring out the very best in each Longhorn player by calling out what many choose to hide – inner and outer strength. Football is the epitome of Athletic Darwinism. The strong make the cut, the weak get cut.

Every team’s mission is to become a powerhouse. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is guts. Those willing and capable of spilling their guts flatten their gut. Those who don’t get flattened by the opponent. Every football play is a test of inner and outer strength. Call out your very best. Bring your lunch-bucket.

Blessed New Year to all.
Gino Arcaro
Head coach – Oakville Longhorns football
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