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Building a better body by Leeann Arcaro-King

Building a better body

by Leeann Arcaro-King CPT

X Fitness Boot Camp Coach

You have to build strength to change your body.

The biggest problems with getting in the shape you want is:  (i) isolated training (ii) exercise selection. These are two main causes that cause the chain reaction that starts with frustration and leads to quitting.

Isolated training means training alone.  Isolated training is a level of training that takes significant experience to reach to get maximum results.  Not many can work out to the max alone. You have to work up to that stage.

The second problem is exercise selection.  Effective workout programs need curriculum-based structured outcomes. This takes the balance between strength training, cardio, and nutrition – the fitness trilogy of success.  Like with all curriculum, contents can’t be chosen randomly.  Exercise selection needs structure to chose:

(i)             type of exercise

(ii)             weight selection

(iii)           set selection

(iv)           rep selection

(v)            sequence  

Team training is the solution for both problems.  The combined effect of coaching and training with a team is a proven solution to the problems of working out alone and trying to figure out what to do. X Fitness Boot Camp provides with coaching and connections with teammates who are working common goals. Instruction and motivation are the two main benefits of X Fitness Boot Camp.  A coach makes the right calls for you. Working out in a team environment is a proven way to get you through the struggle and challenge of trying to work out alone.

I’ve experienced the struggles of trying to build a better body. My greatest challenge was getting back in shape after my pregnancy.  What worked out for me was working out with a coach and with a team. Nothings happens overnight but the struggle has been worth every rep. I’ve worked out alone and with a coach-led team and there’s no comparison. The benefits of coach-led team training far outweigh the benefits of working out alone.

September is a great time to start or renew your personal commitment to building a better body. You can register at:

X Fitness, 44 Division St., Welland.

Don’t underestimate yourself.  You can find the strength to change your body.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about X Fitness Boot Camp. My contact information is:

Direct email:

Direct phone: 905-329-1570

 Looking forward to training with you in September.

Leeann Arcaro-King  CPT

X Fitness Boot Camp Coach