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Broken down, broken up.

Here’s real-life lesson #1,193 that I’ve taught to my football players for 40 years and my college students for two decades: learn when to break down and when not to.

First meaning – don’t break down in the face of a challenge. Any challenge is intended to change. The word change is included in challenge. The bad news is that change is not always good. The good news is that change can be good. Good change doesn’t just happen. You have to fight and struggle like hell through the hell of a challenge to make good change. I’ve taught players and students that turning pro athletically or professionally always requires a degree of positive change. You have to become a better version of self and better than your competition. You will never be the only person who wants your dream job. You will never be the only person who wants a scholarship or a pro contract. You have to grow up into a stronger version of yourself before someone else does and gets what you wanted. Positive change is synonymous with positive growth. We are born to grow. We grow to be re-born. When you stop growing up, you grown down. Human Nature won’t allow you to stop wanting and needing to growing upward.

Second meaning – break down the limitations and barriers that the challenge will put up. There is no challenge that is obstacle-free. If there are no obstacles in the way, it’s not a challenge. Obstacles will not move on their own. You have to decide what you put up with. What you put up with is what will get you put down.  If you don’t break down limitations and barriers, they will break you down.

The difference between winning and losing in any losing in any field and on any field is when you break down and what you break down. Will you break down physically and psychologically or will you break limits that are burying your God-given gifts and talents somewhere deep inside a dark place, an inner abyss where you won’t be able to find them without lighting it up? The difference between growing up and growing down is whether will you be broken down and broken up or whether your obstacles will be broken down or broken up.

The biggest obstacle in the way is you. Your mind. Your mind will think of every excuse to break down under limitations instead of breaking down limitations. You’re born weak but it’s your choice to stay weak or build strength. Your mind is your worst enemy. Your mind will soften and weaken, creatively make up excuses new and old, and you will play victim by engaging in self-pity unless you train like your life depends on it.

There are a number of strategies that will teach you the right way to break down and not break down. The list is too big for this blog. Here’s one: When you feel sorry for yourself, think of those who would gladly switch places with you. If you are healthy, those who are not would gladly switch places with you.

The greatest reward is soul-lifting. People have lifted you up, now it’s your turn to do the same. When someone is broken down or broken up, lift them up. Encourage the broken to break the obstacles that are limiting them. Blunt Talk Podcast has been privileged to have had 105 guests in the past 17 months. Each one is a soul-lifter. All 105 episodes are free, permanently archived downloads compliments of X Fitness. Every episode includes an opening motivational speech and a Top 1000 Workout Song of the Week. Each guest, each episode is guaranteed to lift. X Fitness is committed to lift, to the celebration of Good Inspirational News Only. There’s enough depressing news. We won’t add to it. Here is the link to Blunt Talk Podcast:   

Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Head coach – Niagara X-men football

Owner – X Fitness Inc.


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