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Bouncing back after getting flattened on your back

LinkedIn asked me to start writing articles. The most popular LinkedIn articles get five to six digit readers a day. My goal is to get the same number of readers – 10,000 then 100,000 readers a day. I’ve written four articles so far. The most popular one barely cracked 200 readers. In the LinkedIn world, that’s the equivalent of getting shut out. It’s like losing a game 63-0.

The last time my team lost 63-0 was the first game after my collegiate team crossed the border from Canada to the United States ten years ago. Losing 63-0 is hell. It forces you to make one of two choices – run away or fight like hell to get better. You can run away crying about how hard it is to win or you can work like hell to change your weaknesses into strengths. Getting clobbered on the LinkedIn scoreboard or the football scoreboard feels exactly the same – like hell. One way to avoid it is to never get in the game at all – stay in the stands watching the world compete while you fill up with junk food and junk drink. Being a spectator in life is not an alternative because eventually it catches up with you and becomes a worse hell when the realization hits that you’ve pissed away you God-given gifts and potential just to avoid the hell of losing 63-0 or getting shutout on LinkedIn.

Coaching football taught me that if you are relentless and have the balls big enough to get back up and workout and not give in, you will eventually win a championship ring. But championship rings are not free. You can’t scrounge them or steal them or rip them off. If you have the balls to pay full price, you will eventually earn a collection of shiny championship rings that remind you of one immutable fact of life – any success if possible if you grow the balls big enough to work hard enough.

I’ve invested more time chasing full-time paid coaching positions than I care to remember. The chase was important for a number of reasons because it opened my eyes to my true calling. It took some time for the message to sink in but eventually it did. I took a number of rejections to learn the lessons I needed to learn. Career-chasing adversity raised my level of consciousness. Heightened awareness isn’t free. There’s a cost attached to it. I didn’t open my eyes until the job rejections keep piling up over and over again. I wrote the following article for LinkedIn called #careercurveballs part #2. The article shares the high and lows of my career chasing, So far the article has not cracked 200 readers. It’s another shutout. Hope the article helps you if you’re on the same chase.

When things are not going the way you want them to, another immutable Law of Life is the incalculable benefits of working out. This week, I dusted off a classic workout song because its time to go to another level of lifting and running. Its’ May. It’s getting hot. Even though it’s not official, summer’s here. Summer lifting season has its own calendar. The link to the song is after my signature. Here’s the link to the LinkedIn article.–careercurveballs-part-2-chasing-the-dream-job-striking-out


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 Nat’l Coaching Certification Program

Head coach – Niagara X-men football

head coach- Robert Bateman High School – GO WILD.

Owner – X Fitness Inc.

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