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Boot Camp: The Process by Leeann Arcaro-King

Boot Camp: The Process
By Leeann Arcaro-King CPT

Building strength shapes you. Building strength changes you. Nothing change your shape better that strength training. But strength training doesn’t work in isolation. Dual meaning: Strength is challenging enough but working out alone compounds the challenge. And strength training has to work out with cardio and proper nutrition.

X Fitness Boot Camp solves the most common problems that block shape-changing. You are guaranteed a structured program that leads to result if the fitness trilogy is followed. The fitness trilogy is a structured program – a process. The program is the same as an academic course – structured curriculum that graduates from one grade to another. One level to the next.

Building strength is the core of the program. Building strength is the fundamental basic of changing your shape but it doesn’t work alone. Cardio and eating are the other two essentials. Building strength is a process. Changing your shape doesn’t just happen. Changing your shape is an outcome of a process, the same as any academic process. The biggest fitness challenge I’ve faced was getting back in shape after my pregnancy. I learned lessons that can only be learned with experience. Being out-of-shape gave me a new perspective for being in-shape. Being out-of-shape gave meaning to being in-shape. And, most importantly, I learned a new perspective about The Process.

The Process is the work that has to be invested. The Process is what it takes to get back in-shape. I learned a long time ago in my own training that your attitude toward The Process is the most important element to building the shape you want. I learned to love the The Process. I look forward to The Process. My own training experience taught me that The Process is one of my best experiences in life,

Here’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned that guarantees you’ll get in shape – Focus on The Process, not the outcome. It works out every time.

September is a great time to start or renew your personal commitment to building a better body. You can register at:
X Fitness, 44 Division St., Welland.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You can find the strength to change your body.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about X Fitness Boot Camp. My contact information is:
Direct email:
Direct phone: 905-329-1570

Looking forward to training with you in September.
Leeann Arcaro-King CPT
X Fitness Boot Camp Coach