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Blunt talk didn’t just happen.

Three events happened in rapid succession earlier this month. Three different people said the same thing in less than a week. I don’t believe in coincidences. I stopped believing in coincidences 37 years ago. The reason was evidence. Everything I used to think was coincidence turned out to be evidence of a connection. No exception. I learned that nothing just happens. And that if you believe in coincidences you will miss out. You won’t see the signs, you won’t read the signs, and opportunity passes. Incompletion.

I didn’t get the message the first time or the second time but the third one hit the strike zone. It connected. Three strikes and almost out. I made up my mind to write a book series called Blunt Talk. I just finished the first book, a 25-page e-book last night called Blunt Talk: how to make a living coaching fitness. It’s the first book of a series because I believe it’s supposed to happen.

If you want a preview, please email us through this website. We’ll send you an unedited sneak preview. The edited version will be released in the near future.


Gino Arcaro
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