Blocking & tackling are a matter of life&death

Thank you to football coaches for your questions about our blocking & tackling system. Here’s part of the answer.

Taught football teams for 40 years: There’s more to life than playing #BloodSport games but playing #BloodSport games are a matter of life&death. This is the base ideology that a governs our pedagogical philosophy to achieve Accelerated Learning & 5th Degree High-Performance from scratch. The following are key teaching points that we emphasize every practice, every workout, before we ever teach Xs & Os and blocking & tackling fundamentals, in order to build what matters most – #FieldSurvival Mindset.

  1. We don’t care what the rest of the Football Establishment debates over what wins championships – running or passing or offense or defense or 4-3 or 3-4 or special teams or kicking or whatever Xs & Os obsession is fashionable. We believe that what wins championships is the same as highest level of player-safety protocol – building 5th Degree Strength in mind-body-soul. 
  2. Strength is a concept that includes speed, stamina, skill, smarts, all of which are essential to not getting killed.
  3. Quarterback is the highest-risk position in football. Google QB injuries and you will find lists of catastrophic QB injuries that sound the same as the serious bodily harm suffered by car-crash victims that I investigated as a street-cop between 1975-1990. 
  4. Our team is taught repeatedly that our QB cannot and will not be killed, maimed, busted-up. No choice. No discretion. That means QB protection is a matter of life&death. That means 5th Degree Unselfishness. If you are unwilling to lift, learn, and commit to outworking every team anywhere to protect the QB, go to any other team, anywhere. Serving & protecting is our main mission. If you’re looking for personal glory to score likes on social media, find an individual sport. 
  5. The same ideology applies to all our ballcarriers on offense, defense, special teams. Whoever has the ball is a target of violence. Every ballcarrier is a potential victim of high-speed collisions that amount to legal assaults. Ballcarrier protection is not an option. You dedicate every fibre of heart, soul, guts, and balls to guarantee the ballcarrier does not end up on any list – casualties, obituaries, surgeries, or waiting room lists. That’s your Primary Focus – staying alive, staying in one piece. No ballcarrier gets carried off. 
  6. The running game is a lifting game.
  7. The passing game is a lifting game.
  8. That means that Xs & Os do not matter if Xs & Os are weak and fragile. Blocking and tackling start with 5th Degree S&M – strength & muscle. If you are unwilling to commit to building 5th Degree S&M, you are invited to tryout for another team that doesn’t workout. 
  9. We attach context to blocking & tackling & running & passing & coverage & blitzes & formations – all of them are strength contests. The running game is a strength contest. Same with passing, same with defense, and same with special teams. Lose sight of that, lose the fight. Xs & Os are not first and won’t get you to first. They are second after strength-building physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The weak only beat the weak.
  10. We call it a Drive Block because its an expression of #drive.
  11. Every block in our system is a drive block – pull, trap, pass. All are drive blocks – dual meaning. (i) They drive the defender away from the ballcarrier. The only difference is distance the blocker travels. (ii) without 5th Degree Inner Drive, fundamentals and drills are fundamentally useless. 
  12. 5th Degree Blocking & Tackling are the outcomes of Instant Gratification generated from hard work – hard reps, hard sets. This topic has immense significance. It’s a complex part of our curriculum. It takes serious heavy lifting – dual meaning – to teach the concept of Instant Gratification through Hard Reps, in order to build players from scratch to All-Pro – all PROficient, all PROfessional. The term #Profession Football in our language does not mean the level you spend a fortune in time, energy, and money watching. Its a compulsory Performance Standard in our system to achieve the mission of not getting killed.
  13. There’s more to life than playing football. You have relationships, obligations, and responsibilities outside of football that always have and always will take precedence over football. But while you play this game, you and your team will learn true #FieldSurvival that starts with getting your priorities straight. The whole point of our program is to teach #FieldSurvival that applies to survival in any field.

Conclusion: Serve & protect or ballcarriers gets wrecked. This is our Team Mission Statement. Any ballcarrier with the ball on offense, defense, special teams will be fully and unconditionally protected to prevent getting wrecked. Once that mission is ingrained into the minds, hearts, and souls of every single player, the conscience is ready to work out – triple meaning. Never underestimate the important of the conscience. Its the #1 body-part that must be built to full-strength to protect all the other body parts. Once your conscience is in #personalbest shape, you will achieve #personalbests in lifting and learning that will guarantee #TeamBests.

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Gino Arcaro

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