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Biggest choice you’ll ever make

Dreams don’t die until you kill them. Otherwise, they stay alive.

I wrote that last week in Chapter 18 of 4th & hell: season 4. Today, I moved it to the first line in Chapter 1. It’s now the beginning of the book, not the middle. The reason is the impact it makes.
It’s the central theme of our Niagara X-men 2013 season.

X Fitness has been committed to helping student-athletes stay in school and bring out their full potential physically and intellectually by sponsoring the Niagara X-men collegiate club football team. The Niagara X-men has been offered two regular season games in Oct/Nov 2013 to play in New York State versus Alfred State College and Clarkson University. The X-men will play depending on fund-raising. The X-men are a non-profit collegiate football team that exist for one purpose – to give the unrecruited a chance to get recruited. If our budget is met, we play this year. If not, we start in 2014. Ages: 18-23. Email the front office at for tryout information.

Here’s what we’re trying to do – stop waste of potential. That’s it. No ulterior motive. No hidden agenda. We’re not trying to replace any Canadian team. We’re a supplement.for student-athletes who need a second chance to get recruited. We want to help student-athletes move toward their full potential instead of falling in the trap of settling for half-assed, half-heartedness. We teach the value of lifting hard and playing hard, of calling out your very best against the very best. We’ve been playing in the USA for almost a decade. The experience itself is worth it. We will never guarantee a scholarship or pro contract but we will guarantee an opportunity. What you do with the opportunity is up to you.

There are infinite opportunities for student-athletes, more than you can imagine. But there’s a price to pay to get to the next level. There’s no free pass to the next-level. But it’s worth it if that’s what your dream is. There’s a value to your dreams that only you can attach to them. You make dreams worthwhile or worthless. Nothing just happens. You have to work to make it happen. We all have choices to make. No one will make them for you or against you.

The biggest choice you’ll ever make is what to do about your dreams – kill them or keep them alive.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team

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