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Beegaboss: An Immigrant’s Story

If you Google “tough guy,” you get 25,800,000 results in 0.36 seconds. ‘’Tough guy’’ is an abstract concept, open to wide-ranging interpretation. ‘’Tough guy’’ is a title that is sometimes earned and sometimes awarded by default. It’s easy for the true meaning of ‘’tough guy’’ to get lost in translation.

‘’Tough guys’’ are the subject of a lot of Hollywood make-believe stories. Crack open any screen and you can search for ‘’tough guy’’ movies, series, even sporting events. ‘’Tough guys’’ lift me but I don’t rely on Hollywood for fiction. Real-life is enough. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with real-life tough guys who you’ve never heard of. They are not celebrities, they are not famous but they should be. I’m committed to making them famous.

November is a special month. November lifts me. The reason is explained in a complimentary short story I wrote called “Beegaboss: An Immigrant’s Story.” I get pumped thinking about November, like I have for many years. “Beegaboss” is a true story. It starts with an event that happened 50 years ago this week. Even though it happened a half-century ago, it’s a Sacred Memory. The Beatles and Toronto Maple Leafs were relevant in 1965. I didn’t have a cell phone, laptop, email address, or iPod in 1965. I didn’t have a website, Facebook page, and I didn’t Tweet in 1965. In some ways, 1965 was the Dark Ages but there was shining light and burning fire.

Beegaboss is free by clicking the link below. Beegaboss is an expression of #gratitude from X Fitness, Jordan Publications Inc. and Niagara X-Men Football because without this story, none of these would exist. The story would have been different. It would have been hell.

Your comments are welcome, good or bad. I am committed to making “Beegaboss” a bestseller and a movie because it’s a lifting story. This is only the first chapter. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it.

Get your Complimentary copy of “Beegaboss: An Immigrant’s Story” at: [sdm_download id=”2855″ fancy=”0″]

Blessings and all good things.


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