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Becoming the best when you’re the least expected.

Regardless of what you are competing in – sports, business, job survival – the toughest opponent is inside your mind. Your thoughts and beliefs shape you, literally and figuratively. What you think and how you think determines exactly what shape you become physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

No matter what you work at or play at, you or someone else will become the very best. It’s part of the game. Someone always becomes the best in your league, your region, your province or state, your country and the world. Those who do and those who don’t are decided by the toughest exercise of all – free will. It all starts at the top with mind-set.

Becoming the best at anything has a cost – #TheProcess. Being the best in the world at anything – sports, business, career – doesn’t just happen. Not accidentally, randomly, or overnight. Nothing just happens. Few will endure the full #process because the mind gives out early in the fight. Those who build themselves up to be the best, conquer the strongest opponent ever faced – a dark mind, hell-bent on shutting them out. A conquered mind transforms the body and soul. It all starts with training and practice. Not the ordinary type. It takes extraordinary training and practice to become the best when you are the least expected.

The Dave Dayboll story is a true story of a real-life underdog, not a Hollywood fairy tale of fictional characters and make-believe heroes. Dave is a remarkable example of a person beating extreme odds to realize his potential… of developing God-given gifts and talents to become the best in the world even when he was the least expected. Dave discovered the secret of building mind, body, and soul, the connection of strength that the #process develops during a punishing grind that tries to defeat you from the top down.

I have been a volunteer football coach for 40 seasons, specializing in coaching underdogs – castoffs and misfits who start from scratch with minimal God-given athletic gifts and talents. My calling is to coach the least – the unwanted, the undeveloped, the untalented from whom the least is expected. Instead of recruiting the best players, I recruit the least and build them to be their best. Dave Dayboll was one of the underdogs early in his high school football career.

Dave started lifting weights from scratch as a player on the first football team that I was head coach of. I coached him in my home gym for eight years, beyond high school. He built his strength and stamina with a level of intensity and commitment that had to be seen to be believed. Dave was not a super-genetically gifted athlete but he built his God-given gifts and talents to their maximum. The beauty of lifting is its transformative powers. Lifting and working out is the number one solution to what I am committed to preventing as a coach – wasted potential. After eight years, Dave needed a new challenge and took up Jiu-Jitsu at a much older age than most are when they start training. Following a long, slow #process during years of training, he beat extreme odds and became a world champion. Dave wasn’t born a world champion. He built himself to become world champion through next-level, gut-spilling physically and psychologically – starting at the top with a mind-set that pushed him over the top. Dave built on his strength, starting a business from scratch and becoming a successful entrepreneur, beating the odds again in an industry that focuses on the risk and mortality rate of startup businesses. Fighting skills are transferable. Learning to fight in sports teaches you how to fight in real-life to survive and thrive in business.

Coaching student-athletes like Dave Dayboll blessed me with the perfect workplace, void of the toxicity and radioactivity that can poison a workplace and the mind, body, and soul of its occupants. Coaching has always been a lifting environment. Physically, psychologically, and spiritually lifting. There is no greater reward than lifting souls because lifting other souls lifts your own soul. The coaching environment is a stark contrast to some of the dark workplaces I’ve experienced, filled with pessimism and negativity of the miserable who have lost the will and capacity to joyously express what’s in their soul.

Dave was a guest recently on Blunt Talk Podcast – His interview is life-changing. He explains the high and lows of his journey to become the best in the world when he was least expected. There are enough stories of the rich and famous. Blunt Talk Podcast is committed to communicating the inspiring message of grassroots high-performers whose stories are still unknown. Dave Dayboll was an extreme underdog. He became world champion despite extreme obstacles and adversity. Listen to him tell of his journey through #TheProcess; it’s guaranteed to lift.



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