Beating #The Rich with #The Poor

Coaching #ThePoor is a blessing. The best coaching experience is coaching #ThePoor to beat #TheRich. No coaching experience beats the lessons learned from coaching #TheLeast with the least. 

I have specialized in coaching #ThePoor. It’s my Divine Calling. I have an open-admission policy. I don’t recruit superstars. My #1 challenge is to build superstars from scratch, to coach #Underdogs, to beat Goliath as often as possible, to get as many players to the #NextLevel as humanly possible so that every player I coach learns the most from the training needed to beat Goliath and reach the #NextLevel. The lessons learned from getting #StrongerAndSmarter to beat Goliath and make #NextLevel dreams happen, are life-altering and life-savers. These are lessons that last a lifetime and save lives in #BloodSports and #BloodWork, the language we use to describe high-danger work & play that can kill you and carve you up in mind-body-soul. My #1 job is being a Life-and-Death Coach. My main mission is to keep students and athletes alive in high-danger work & play by teaching Field Survival and Street Survival to fulfill our primary program objective—no one dies. No one gets killed. No one gets carved up, busted up, or screwed up in mind-body-soul.

There’s no greater reward than lifting poor souls. Coaching in athletic poverty is a get-rich-quick scheme that will enrich lives—your life and the lives of everyone on your team. Coaching #ThePoor to beat #TheRich is a Sacred Experience that transforms minds-bodies-souls for life. The quality and quantity of lessons learned is unmatched. You will never learn as much coaching rich teams as you would coaching poor teams. There is no greater coaching-learning experience than making the most of #TheLeast with the least—dual meaning. 

I’ve been blessed to have coached #ThePoor during my 40-year coaching career, all of it unpaid including being head coach of 2 teams annually for 12 years while working for a living in jobs outside football, raising a family, running 2 businesses, and keeping a 51-year workout streak alive. Being the head coach of 2 different teams a year for free sounds crazy. When coaching football is not your full-time livelihood that feeds your family, you need a #system that maximizes every second, every minute, with zero waste of time. You need a #system that prevents football from monopolizing your life when football doesn’t pay your family bills. Coaching 40 years for free has been a blessing for me, but if you’re not careful, you will go broke. You will lose everything. You will end up dead-last in life and in football.

The key to surviving my coaching challenge was designing the SWAT System. Not a playbook, but a limitless, paperless #System not only for offense, defense, and special teams, but a Team Code that governed our unique style of strength & conditioning, teaching, learning, and our #TeamMission. 

The 2 teams I coached every years were poor, the kind of poverty that would chase away 98.6% who won’t accept the challenge of coaching #The Least with the least. Here’s proof—I coached over half of my head coaching career alone. Zero staff. I’ve never had more than 2 assistant coaches. The reasons are that 98.6% will not work for free and will not pour heart & soul into coaching #ThePoor. 98.6% of coaches want to recruit superstars and blue-chippers, those who are already built to avoid the gut-spilling work and heavy lifting needed to build superstars from scratch. Coaching #ThePoor for free sounds like hell, looks like hell, and feels like hell to 98.6% of coaches. Consequently, I coach alone or with the 1.4% of coaches who don’t need the best of everything and everyone.

If you’re looking for an accelerated learning program that will boost your coaching career and fast-track your coaching experience, I recommend you find the worst program with #The Least & the least and turn it around. Change a dead program. Turn a loser into a winner. Teach student-athletes one of the top 51 most valuable life-saving lessons—how to make a miracle comeback. 

My Swat System has produced #groundbreaker players and #groundbreaker stats —5th Degree High-Performance numbers that sound impossible.

In 1998, I was head coach of a varsity high school team in the fall and head coach of a non-profit AAU-style 19-under summer team. We were the poorest team in both leagues. Our mission was to beat Goliaths—make the most with #The Least & the least.

I love football as much as anyone but I can’t afford to invest 16 hours a day on football. I have a life outside football. Football is a game. Football has never fed my family, never paid the bills, never made me wealthy. But it enriched my life—at a huge cost. I can’t prepare for football 24-7, can’t think about football 24-7, can’t talk about football 24-7. But when its’s time to work, my teams will not be out-worked, out-lifted, out-trained, or out-run by anyone. I designed the SWAT System as a solution to the challenge of fighting Goliaths with #The Least & the least.

In 1998, we normalized the abnormal. We set record-breaking #PersonalBests and #TeamBests with extreme stats—running and passing—to score upsets versus Goliath using the same SWAT No-huddle System. My high school team recorded extreme #PersonalBests running stats while my summer team recorded off-the-chart extreme #PersonalBests passing stats. Same system, same explosive stats. Different attack—extreme run and extreme pass.

The following are the record-breaking game stats, achieved just 3 months apart:

My summer team’s quarterback, Tom Denison, achieved a #groundbreaking single-game record-setting performance that remains unbroken today in an upset win versus Goliath: 

  • 836 yards passing
  • 8 TDs passing
  • 1 TD rushing
  • 5 2-pt conversions
  • 0 interceptions
  • 44 pass completions
  • 70 pass attempts
  • 62.8% completion percentage
  • 91 total plays—942 total yards
  • 19.1 yards passing per completion
  • 11.9 yards passing per attempt
  • 66-51 upset win

My high school team in the fall scored a 26-22 win versus another Goliath with a #groundbreaking performance on the ground:

  • 329 total rushing yards on 64 carries. 
  • Two 100-plus rushers. A third rusher with 91 yards
  • 401 total yards on 71 total plays
  • An additional 116 yards on special teams

These two outlier games stats are not isolated. They are only 2 examples during 40 years of #groundbreaking stats that were instrumental in player development helping them readch the #NextLevel.

Every #groundbreaker I’ve been blessed to have coached got to the #NextLevel by investing in a level of #TrainingHell that scares the hell out of and into 98.6%. They reached the #NextLevel because of millions of decisions made consciously and subconsciously that most are unwilling to make. Those millions of subconscious decisions you make without even knowing it determines what level you end up at.

I taught all my teams that if you think training is hell, its nowhere near the hell you’ll feel for the rest of your life by pissing away your chance at the #NextLevel because you got outworked by someone who wanted it more than you.

This video explains my life-changer. May you all cross paths some day with your life-changer.  CONTINUED in Part 2.

#MUCHLOVE #Soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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