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Beating self-doubt

The secret to sticking to working out is re-wiring bad wiring. The communication system between brain and body is the single-most important factor in your workout career. There’s the first key – the label…workout career. Label your workouts. If you don’t label your workout, it’s too easy to quit. There’s good news and bad news about quitting. Bad news – left unchecked, quitting becomes chronic leading to the pain of underachieving and unfulfillment. Good news – re-wiring bad wiring takes less pain.

Bad wiring doesn’t just happen. It develops over a lifetime. And, even when you’re re-wired, you have to constantly resist forces that will undo the new you. Bad wiring is a system of disbeliefs…not just ordinary limiting beliefs, extraordinary self-doubts that immobilize you. The highest level of self-doubts that doesn’t just stop your forward progress, it flattens you. Self-doubts are not created equal. Some you can break free from on your own, some you can’t. You need a team. The key is early recognition of growing self-doubts that will grow disproportionally to your effort. Advanced levels of self-doubt lead to chronic quitting, habitually dropping out before the finish line, giving in to the mind that is engineered to keep you soft.

Once you beat the first wave of low-level self-doubts, you can handle the upper-level ones. Fighting skills are not optional. They’re imperative because self-doubt will never stop attacking you. Even when you think you’ve got it beat, self-doubt will always make a comeback. The key is never to get tired, never get worn out. Self-doubt feeds on your fatigue. When you’re too weak to fight back, self-doubt will pummel you beyond recognition. You’ll never be able to recognize yourself if you let self-doubt win.

Monitor your symptoms. If you have stopped taking steps to where you want to get to, you need a team effort to get you moving again. The moment you stop moving in the direction of what you want to become, that stand-still will become a permanent parking place. Forward progress doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Breaking free from self-doubts needs use of force. Every step counts. Keep moving your legs. The moment you stop, the opposing force will flatten you.

Gino Arcaro has written 12 books. He started his writing career by writing 6 best-selling academic law enforcement textbooks. Then he changed his focus and wrote 6 non-academic books to compete on a new stage. The first book is Soul of a Lifter, available in paperback and e-book. The book is about how lifting is a life-saver – lifting others and lifting weight. Dual-purpose lifting. You can review all Gino’s books them by clicking here.