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Beating extreme odds.

Our football program exists for one reason only – to learn how to beat extreme odds. We always compete at a higher level than our natural talent. We always play against stronger competition. Being the underdog is our mission. It’s our brand. We exist to teach the rare qualities of beating extreme odds.

All achievement has one common element – beating big odds. The will and capacity to beat extreme odds doesn’t just happen. It has to be learned and developed. The SWAT no-huddle offense was designed to teach how to beat the odds. Extreme odds. No-huddle offenses are not created equal. SWAT no-huddle was designed solve major problems centered on extreme lack of resources: (i) limited number of coaches (ii) limited natural player talent (iii) limited numbers of players (iv) limited practice time.

The SWAT no-huddle has one purpose – to tilt the playing field. The change the balance of power. The SWAT no-huddle offense is an underdog’s survival manual. There’s no system like it because: (i) there’s no conventional playbook (ii) the offense is connected to the defense (iii) the physical and mental speed break more limits than conventional no-huddle systems.

The SWAT offense and defense is connected to our strength & conditioning program. We have decades of evidence to prove that the physical and mental speed we operate at can close monstrous competitive gaps. Beating extreme odds takes something else. SWAT no-huddle explains how we build something else.

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