Beat the #PassRush.

What you focus on grows.

Focus only on Xs + Os and nothing grows except losses.  

Focus on inside the head of Xs and Os and wins grow.

Focusing on inside the head determines how much you learn, how much you lift, how much you lose, how much you win.

#DefensiveCoordinator is a title that you win with or without a #TitleFight. If the title is handed to you without a fight, you will fight like hell to survive. If you win the title by winning the fight, Post-Modern Offenses will knock your defense out after your defense suffers the slightest degree of complacency.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #22,889 that I’ve taught offenses, defenses, and special teams for 4 decades – If you don’t beat the rush, you will beaten bad in a rush. Multiple meanings.

How you define the multiple meanings of #Rush determines whether you beat the rush or get beaten bad by the rush. 

The toughest test is the True-False Test

In the reality of our Football World without free agents, first round draft picks, trading for better players, scholarships, long-term contracts, we have to survive by thinking outside the box, inside the box, around the box, until the box completely disappears when we have the ball and when they have the ball. 

When you can’t choose your players, build them. 

When you can’t replace players for not being good enough, replace their weakness with mind-body-soul. 

When you can’t trade for substitutes, substitute your substitute’s weakness with strength by busting your ass to get them to bust their ass to get them #strongerandsmarter. 

It’s easy to look for the next-big-thing that will make you a coaching superstar and get you a #million #dollar contract but the solution in the world of Limited Football is to work on building Limitless Strength that includes skill, stamina, speed, smarts. 

We don’t care what your 40-time is off the field. We care what your 40-time is intellectually and physically in the 4th Quarter when you’re cut & bleeding physically and mentally.

What works for us is what we work for. Building a monster championship football team requires Real Life&Death Lesson #23,811 – find exactly what works for you and work like hell to make it work. Not half-ass work, true 5th Degree Work. Your biggest coaching challenge bar none is the PMS – Post-Modern Society – #AssBackWard Mentality about what constitutes 5th Degree Work. PMS has a distorted definition of what constitutes 5th Degree #LiftingandLearning. Win the fight with PMS Influence and you will win big. Guaranteed 100%, with corroborating evidence.

Achieving 5th Degree Work is impossible without acing the Truth-False test that confronts your team every single day. Ace the Truth-False Test and you win big. Bomb the test and you get killed. Unless you change the definition of #BombTheTest.

The #1 killer of your defense is on your team.

Complacency kills your defense. Then the opposing offense wins by default by beating a defenseless defense that killed itself with suicidal complacency. Complacency is the hidden enemy inside your team that reveals when all hell break loose.

The Law of Proportion governs defensive excellence or incompetence:

  1. the lower the degree of difficulty in defensive workouts & practice, the greater the degree of difficulty to win.  
  2. Every degree of defensive complacency increases incompetence and increases the risk of getting killed in mind-body-soul.

Xs and Os alone will never prevent death by complacency, will never solve killer-complacency, and will never build 5th Degree Hunger in your defense. 

Xs and Os don’t work unless every X and every O works out and outworks their Xs and their Os. The difference between a difference-making defense and a defense that makes zero difference is how you define #workout and #outwork.


#RushingTitles win title-fights.

We don’t distinguish between #PassRush and #RunRush. They’re the same. This applies to coordinating offense or defense. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Successfully Rushing the QB and Rushing the Rusher can be accomplished with identical skills, fundamentals, and mentality.
  2. You can clobber any defense by rushing the defense on the ground or rushing through the air. 
  3. Running yards and passing yards are both #RushingYards. There’s no difference. They are both the outcome of rushes – dual meaning.
  4. Change the conventional definition of #rush, change the outcome.
  5. The main elements of any rush are energy, effort, exertion, execution that produces more pressure than the opponent trained for.
  6. #Rush also includes the X Factor – adrenaline rush, that tilts the playing field with irreversible momentum generated by the potent adrenaline rush.
  7. The biggest threat to a QBs life & health is shots taken from a maniacal defensive line #PassRush.
  8. The same applies to running backs. The #1 threat to a running back is defensive line pressure from forward movement that looks exactly like a pass rush.
  9. Pressure by LB & DB blitz is another concept that compound DL pressure but all pressure originates from DL pressure. 
  10. In our Reality of Limitations – limited time, limited number of coaches, limited number of players, limited money, limited resources – we teach one style of DL Rush. We don’t distinguish between #PassRush or #RunRush. One set of fundamental achieves both outcomes of #PassRush and #RunRush.
  11. Our entire defensive system, philosophy, and ideology starts with the DL – build the strongest DL Rush humanly possible and the rest of the defense will follow.
  12. Building an unblockable, unstoppable DL is our main #DefensiveCoordinator objective. Everything else is secondary – dual meaning. The success or failure of Secondary/LB formation, assignments, and coverage depends entirely on strength of DL Rush. Consequently, strength of DL Rush is our top priority. Nothing works on defense with a soft, weak, fragile DL Rush.

Law of Proportion – less rush, more rush.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,565 that governs how we coordinate a warp-speed no-huddle offense – beat the rush or get beat bad by the rush.

Coordinating offense or defense starts with how you define and use the word #Rush. It’s easy to get influenced by Conventional Football Establish Thinking and believing that:

  1. there’s a separate DL Rush that beats passing and another DL Rush that beats the run.
  2. the offensive term for #rush is reserved only for running plays.

Our unconventional approach defines conventional football language differently:

  1. #PassRush has a dual meaning, one on defense and one on offense: (i) the DL rush to sack the QB (ii) the pass-play rush generated by intense pressure through bombarding a defense with high-speed long-range and intermediate range bombing 

2. #StopTheRush has multiple meanings: (i) shut down the DL forward movement regardless of pass or run play called. (ii) shut down their running plays. (iii) shut down the rush of their long-range passing by inviting it to increase interceptions and QB sacks. The longer the ball is in the air, the more chance of intercepting it and more chance of sacking the QB. (iv) shutdown the opponent’s Adrenaline Rush, the key to killing their momentum.

3. #RushingYards has multiple meanings: (i) yards gained by running plays (ii) yards gained by long-range pass pressure (iii) yards gained by DL forward movement on every single play. This is an unconventional stat. Add up the number of yards the DL gains through forward movement every play.

4. #RushDefense has a dual meaning: (i) the rush that stops the run. (ii) the rush that stops the pass. 

5. #RunningPlays has a dual meaning: (i) every offensive play is a running play, regardless if it’s pass or run. The ballcarrier must run regardless of how he got the ball. (ii) every offensive play is an #Outrunning play – Outrun the opponent by running faster as the game wears on and wears down the rest.

Raise the bar.

We have Outlier Work Standards in the gym, on the practice field on GameDay. That means we never have ordinary, conventional performance goals. We don’t use a SWF – Standard Workload Formula – that sets standard, ordinary expectations resulting in standard, half-ass, uninspiring performance outcomes. Our Outlier Work Standard feature Stretch Goals, referring to minimum stats that conventional thinkers believe are unreasonable, unattainable, improbable, and impossible.

The more you raise the bar the more you raise the heavy bar in the gym and the more you raise the bar on #GameDay. Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,701that governs how we coordinate our warp-speed no-huddle offense to stop the DL pass rush that facilities our primary Outlier Offense Performance Goal – Be Bombastic. Bomb the DL by playing #MuscleBall.

Here are the governing principles of #MuscleBall:

  1. Run at the their MDM – most dangerous man on the DL. Run straight at him. Force him to exert force. Force him to fight. 
  2. Run at their MDM again and again. Run consecutive running plays at the same MDM on the DL. Drain his energy.
  3. Change the play-clock. Snap the ball within 8 seconds after the referee spots the ball. Turn the game into a non-stop fight – no breaks until they break.
  4. Force every DL to rush more than they ever have rushed in any game or any practice. Forcing excessive pass rushes forces the DL rush to shutdown. Its humanly impossible to do what you have never trained to do.
  5. Throw bombs. The longer the pass, the longer the DL rush in time and distance. The longer the DL rush in time & distance, the more energy drained, the faster they shut down and break. 
  6. Turn every drive into a 5-minute round of non-stop fighting. Football players are not trained to fight for 5 minutes non-stop. They are trained for the 4-40 Work-Rest Ratio – exert for 4 seconds followed by 40 seconds rest. Attack at their Will by speeding up the fight and you will #AttackAtWill after their will breaks. That’s how you get inside the heads of Xs + Os. Hammer the Xs & Os until they become no-shows. 

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