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Ban all cut blocking

Cut blocking should be banned at all levels of football. I never have and never will allow cut blocking on my team. Three reasons: (i) I won’t be responsible for blowing out an opponent’s knee. (ii) I will not teach our blockers to position their heads in a vulnerable position where they can get knocked out by getting kneed in the head (iii) blocking above the waist is the better way of blocking.

Last Sunday, Houston Texan linebacker Brian Cushing tore his ACL and is out for the year. All blocking below the waist should be illegal because it’s illegal sometimes. It is an act that is illegal or legal depending on where and when it happens. Therein lies the madness of the rule. If blocking below the waist is illegal sometime, that means it’s dangerous. Making it legal other times is outright foolish.

Cut blocking makes no sense whatsoever. Offensive linemen spend hours in the weight room for one reason – to get big and strong to block above the waist. Cut blocking is counter-intuitive. Cut blocking is simply a form of tripping. The point of blocking is to maintain contact from beginning to end of the play. Cut blocking makes minimal contact. If you want to make the defender fall down, pancake him.

Finally, positioning a blocker’s head below the waist makes the blocker vulnerable because it’s a position of weakness. Why on Earth would you put your head in a position to get kneed in the head and knocked out? Again, it makes no sense. So why does cut-blocking happen? Brainwashing. Myths. Another example of conventional thinking that’s been blindly accepted for generations.