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Bad news, bad moods.

I had a flashback today to the 70’s and 80s. For 15 years during my police career between 1975-1990, over one-third of my life was dominated by stories of unspeakable crimes. Victims, witnesses, suspects all reported nothing but bad news. Bad news, bad moods.

While listening to my car radio today for songs to add to my Top 1000 Workout Music, I made the big mistake of not shutting off the radio when the news started. After a minute of ugly news about unspeakable crimes followed by more bad news about a horrible economy where our children and grandchildren will likely never be able to own a house because of skyrocketing housing prices, I shut off the radio. Bad news, bad moods.

It took me awhile to score a shut-out – to shut out the depressing news from my mind. To combat the attack on my senses, I scheduled six more guests on Blunt Talk Podcast. I started Blunt Talk Podcast over a year ago to provide an alternative to gruesome, dark, doom/gloom, depressing news that attacks your mind daily. It worked out, literally and figuratively. Every guest has lifted my soul. Every guest has shared their story of triumph. Stories of ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

I have imposed a personal ban on bad news. Life is short. Letting bad news sink in your head will sink you until your soul feels dead. There’s enough depressing news. We won’t contribute to it. Our recent Blunt Talk Podcast episode, #66, was posted this past Monday. Our guest was Art Costello from Austin, Texas: Vietnam veteran, former Marine, entrepreneur, and author of “Expectation Therapy”. Real-life will pummel you if you don’t raise the bar. You won’t stand a chance of reaching higher if you don’t raise the bar. Art shared real-life insights that will change your perception of adversity. Some people re-define toughness.

Guaranteed to lift. Free, permanently archived download compliments of X Fitness. Here’s the link:

Blessings & all good things. ‪


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