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Bad calls are NOT part of the game

Imagine being completely innocent and getting a speeding ticket because the cop just happened to make the wrong call. Or how about someone steals your car but the cops miss the car by driving past it – just didn’t see it and then let the bad guy keep the car. Or how about getting fired from your job because of a bad call, something you didn’t do. Who would put up with bad calls in real-life?

No one. But someone long ago said that bad calls in sports are ‘part of the game.’ They’re not. Incompetent officiating is not part of the game. Those who believe that are lemmings, followers who conform to whatever myth they hear and keep repeating what they hear regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Bad calls in football are the equivalent of false allegations, malicious prosecutions, and wrong convictions in real-life. No one in their right mind would call a miscarriage of justice ‘part of the game.’ Winning games by bad calls constitutes fraud. Instead of celebrating wildly when points are wrongly awarded, coaches should practice what they preach about character and admit they won by fraud.

The NFL has to be careful it doesn’t turn into the National Fraud League. If rules such as offensive pass interference are blatantly not enforced, then scrap the rulebook and become pro wrestling. Make it a free-for-all. If two referees making contradicting calls in the same end zone is tolerated as ‘part of the game,’ then add ‘entertainment’ to the league name like the WWE did. Don’t call it a fair competition.

The foolishness of accepting bad calls as being ‘part of the game’ is another example of how strong the side-effects of conformity are. Where else are bad calls simply accepted as being part of the game? Nowhere.