#AttentionSpan – multiple meanings – is a matter of life-and-death. #AttentionSpan – all meanings – will make you or break you, your team, your business, your job search, your job promotion, and every relationship personally and professionally.

1st meaning: The span of #NaturalAttention you generate makes you a superstar – a #FirstPick, a #NaturalSelection who distances from the rest and gets chosen out of a crowded field fighting for the same attention as you.

2nd meaning: The span of #UnnaturalAttention makes you a pain-in-the-ass – a #LastPick or never picked. 

3rd meaning: #NaturalAttention is generated by superstar performance that increases the span of #NaturalAttention from the world and is the result of #NaturalAttention.

4th meaning: #UnnaturalAttention is artificial attention generated by conceit and deceit – the arrogance and ignorance of spreading and projecting #BullShit through superficiality emerging from desperation. #UnnaturalAttention decreases #NaturalAttention span by making people sick of seeing you, hearing from you, because of making it all about you.

5th meaning: Fighting for #UnnaturalAttention causes extreme Cognitive Dissonance, an advanced case of flaming, burning hell of inner conflict that results in heated meltdowns. Cognitive Dissonance develops when your conscience attacks your mind with the pain and suffering of guilt emerging from contradiction between what you believe in deep down and what you don’t believe in – the soul-selling sellout that you have been justifying hoping and wishing to feel better about your unwillingness to generate #NaturalAttention.

I’ve taught football players and college law enforcement students for 4 decades – be careful how you generate attention span from the world and where you invest your own attention span. What you focus on grows. What others focus on about you grows. #NaturalAttention and #UnnaturalAttention are directly connected to #Attraction, both natural attraction and unnatural attraction. Fighting for #UnnaturalAttention eventually catches up to you by wrecking your mind and torturing your soul when the realization hits that you are living a life of #Unnatural #Attraction.

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