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Another reason why I won’t waste time-energy-money watching NFL

Baltimore Ravens 20 

San Francisco 49ers 17

The ending of this game is another reason why I will not waste time, energy, and money watching NFL games. The game was on TV in the gym I own, X Fitness. The Baltimore Ravens allegedly have a high-powered offense but chose to play for field goal position as time winded down in the 4th quarter with the game tied 17-17. The Ravens kicked a 49 yard field goal to win 20-17. The Ravens wildly celebrated like the won the lottery. They carried the “hero” kicker on their shoulders. The Ravens have the most explosive quarterback in the NFL but carried the “hero” kicker on their shoulders.

This same type of wild celebration happened in a high school football game in 1987 that my team played in. My team violated my #NoWildCelebration Rule after we kicked a 33 yard field goal. After the game, I congratulated them for the upset David versus Goliath win. And I announced we would never kick again. Ever. No punts, no field goals, no Point-After Touchdowns. If we didn’t have the balls to score a touchdown, we would never again settle for mediocrity by scoring half-a-touchdown – 3 points – by kicking the ball over the other team’s heads. That started the longest no-kicking streak in the history of football.

We never kicked regardless of field position, regardless of score. #Go-for-it became our ideology. My objective was to teach my players the Power of Being Different, of never fearing originality, of not falling in the #ConformityTrap, of never becoming a victim of the Football Establishment’s #Brainwashing to think the same, to do the same.

I was a in my 12th year of policing in 1987 when I started our no-kicking streak. The reason why my police career is relevant is that my police job dealt with real life-and-death decisions. Deciding whether to kick or not is not a life-and-death decision.

Our no-kicking streak worked. We scored more points. We invested kicking practice reps into offensive reps turning our offense into a #groundbreaker. The #Go-For-It Mentality works. It wins. It wins big. It scores more points both on the field and with players who take enormous pride in a no-kicking policy.   

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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