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AFC Championship Game: Chiefs – Titans preview

Here’s the key to Sunday’s #AFCchampionship game: Leave Patrick Mahomes alone – dual meaning.

First meaning: Let Patrick Mahomes be Patrick Mahomes. Andy Reid and the rest of the Kansas City coaching staff have to get of the way and let Mahomes pass and play for touchdowns, not field goals. Last weekend, the Chiefs had 4th down and 2 on the Houston six, with a 48-31 lead in the 4th quarter and 8:10 remaining. Instead of going for it, they decided to kick. If they play scared like that this Sunday, they will get upset for the second year in a row. If they don’t play scared, Kansas City wins in a blowout because Mahomes will not be stopped except by his own coaching staff.

Second meaning: The Chief’s offensive line have to protect Mahomes. Mahomes has to be left alone, free of sacks, free of hurries, free of pressure. If Mahomes is protected, Chiefs win in a blowout. If Mahomes is not protected, Chiefs get upset for the 2nd straight year in a row.

The #AFCchampionship game boils down to blocking – dual meaning.

First meaning: The Chiefs coaching staff cannot block Mahomes and expect to win. Get of his way. Resist the temptation to be conservative. #GrowSome and #ShowSome. There is nothing to fear with Mahomes. The Chiefs have the most dynamic passer in the #NFL. Don’t block his full potential. Don’t play for field goals. Don’t play for punts and field position. Don’t try to play #Ground&Pound. Go for it on 4th down, over and over until the other team breaks.

Second meaning: Block for Mahomes and the Chiefs #WinBig. The only way the Titans win is to stop Mahomes with 5th Degree Pressure – dual meaning. Pressure on Mahomes and pressure on Chiefs receivers. Letting Mahomes roam and his receivers roam will end up in a Chief blowout. Stop their roaming and the Titans win.

These same principles apply to any level of football – #Block and #DontBlock.

#Block for your quarterback. Keep him standing. Keep him clean. That’s how you maul the other team.

#DontBlock your quarterback with you coaching fears. #DontBlock your quarterback’s firepower because of your unresolved F.A.T. – Fear, Anxiety, Tension – about passing. Passing scares many coaches. Coaches’ fear of passing is the #1 enemy a quarterback will ever face, a worse enemy than the other team. Coaches fear of passing is the #1 reason for regurgitating the same old football myths, that running wins championships.

Xs and Os don’t win championships. X Fitness and O Fitness wins championships. Strength wins. Weakness loses. Every team that loses at every level reaches a #BreakPoint where they were unwilling and incapable of crossing a threshold into an #OuterSpace where they had never been before, where there never trained for.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

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