Adversity crushes or gets crushed. Your choice.

November is Adversity Month. It’s a tribute to all the hell we have to fight. November is the perfect month to celebrate Adversity month because it’s the 11th month of the year, deep in the 4th quarter of 2014.

November reminds us how fast sunlight can turn to darkness.  November can tire you out just like the 4th quarter of a game. November can make you quit just like the 4th quarter. November can test everything you’ve got and don’t have. Without fighting back, November can break you.

The good news is that November is just another obstacle that can strength us. The bad news is that November is just another month that can weaken us. You get to choose what November does. Because, adversity crushes or gets crushed. Your choice. Obstacles will flatten you unless you flatten them. Contrary to popular myth, obstacles are not overcome. Obstacles are tackled.  #keeplifting #peace.

Here’s a Youtube video that will inspire you to tackle your obstacles.

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