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A Love Story

“I love football, Coach. I love to hit. I love to win. I love the team. I love game-day. I love everything about football, Coach.”

By conservative estimate, I have heard that “Love Story” about 20,000 times. I love “Love Stories” because they are fun and heart-warming but they always involve a struggle between love and hate somewhere in the plot. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I was hooked on Justified, The Americans, Tyrant, and Hell on Wheels. Despite the violence and gore, all four series are “Love Stories.” They depict the struggle between love and hate. Love is a tough business. As St. Paul cautioned in 1 Corinthians 13:3: “…if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

Saying “I love you” is important. It’s a starting point. It builds the right mindset. But, it’s easy to bullshit people because words, after all, are only words without action. It’s easy to say “I Love You.” It takes less than three seconds to spit out three words. And it’s effortless. But s/he who asserts must prove. When you say “I Love You” you need corroboration. Hardcore evidence. Back it up. Build a case. Prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

Most “I Love Yous” are probably sincere at the time they’re said because most “I Love Yous” happen during a break in the action. But what about when all hell breaks loose? True love is expressed when hell meets you face-to-face. I’ve learned not to believe football players’ love stories without corroboration because I’ve been burned too many times. Love Stories are not always real. Often, they are fiction. Pure bullshit. I am a “Love Story Skeptic.”

The good news is that I have witnessed real love stories starring those who’ve expressed their true love for football – by lifting. They’ve proved it in the weight room; during workouts. They proved it during practice; during wind sprints. They’ve proved it when H.E.L.L. met them face-to-face. The bad news is that true love stories are not common. They are uncommon. Just like the athletes in the starring role.

Blunt Talk Podcast has featured guests who have expressed true love of their sport even though they haven’t earned millions of dollars to play a game that 98.6% of participants play for free. Every episode of Blunt Talk is a “Love Story.” Each episode explains how our guests built a case, how they proved their love for a sport by spilling their guts day-in day-out, lifting and running and training and practicing with a level of sustained intensity that had to be seen to be believed, a type of work ethic that is becoming an endangered species.

The guests on Blunt Talk Podcast form a starting line-up that can hold its own against any lineup and lift its own against any line-up.


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