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5th Degree High Performance

The longer I coached #football, the less I watched it on TV. It’s another example of the Law of Proportion. The main reason is I can’t afford it. I can’t afford the time and energy to watch other people play and coach football. Coaching football for free for 40 years used up all my energy for the sport. I can’t afford any more time and energy watching levels of football that have zero relevance to the level of Football Poverty I coach at. Here’s another specific example why I can’t afford to watch football on TV:

The post-Super Bowl analysis was on the TV at the gym I own – X Fitness. One of the hosts asked another host if Jimmy Garropolo was the quarterback that the San Francisco 49ers wanted “under centre” for their future. I changed the channel.

Nothing just happens. Nothing happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight. I heard that comment for a reason, to remind me that I cannot afford to watch or listen to grown-ups talk about football on TV. Asking whether Jimmy G is the QB of the future for the 49ers is one of the top 51 most senseless statements I’ve heard on TV.

Blaming Jimmy G for the 49ers Super Bowl loss is evidence of extreme ignorance. It’s hard for me to believe that some people get paid to say the things they say about football on TV. When I got hired as a rookie police officer at the age of 18, one of the top 26 Real-Life Lessons I quickly learned was the Power of #CommonSense. I was frequently reminded about developing #CommonSense and using #CommonSense every shift on the frontline. When I got promoted to detective at age 26, my partner was a #legend. His #1 Investigative Principle that he taught me over and over and over again was “Use #CommonSense.”

The irony of #CommonSense is that it is uncommon. The reason is a lack of real-life experience. #CommonSense is code-word for #StreetSmarts, rational thinking developed by real-life experience – Reality IQ, the title of a book I wrote. I changed the channel in my gym because the host who made that absurd statement had never coached football. A TV host asking whether Jimmy G was the 49ers QB for their future was a colossal waste of time and energy for my mind to process. I can’t afford the distraction. 

Distractions are serial killers of productivity. I own 2 businesses that fight for survival every single day. My football teams fought for survival every day. My 5th Degree Focus is not discretionary. My businesses need it. My #WomensLiftingTeams need it. My personal relationships need it. My football teams needed it. There’s no room in my #HardDrive to process bullshit. I’ve taught all my football players for 40 years, college law enforcement students for 2 decades, and my #WomensLiftingTeams since 1992 to beware of distractions. Use extreme caution about what you focus on. What you focus on grows. Focus is an anabolic agent, for good or bad. What distracts you, sidetracks you. Distractions will break you. Distractions produce broken dreams, broken hearts, and will leave you broke financially and in mind-body-soul.

Change the channel, channel the change. I’ve taught  all my teams for 43 years that this is one of the top 51 Principles of 5th Degree High-Performance. It means:

  1. Protect your mind and focus by changing the channel.
  2. Convert and exert – channel the change by converting inner energy to outward energy.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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