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5th Degree High-Performance – the #DitchDigger workout

My first workout in July, 1969, as a dysfunctional, obese 12-year old trying to escape from the physical hell and psychological hell of being #unfit, was as far below Minus-Zero as possible. My first workout was in #TheBasement of my poor illiterate Italian immigrant parent’s old house, a #basement that resembled a dungeon.

Not one piece of equipment included conventional gym equipment. Nothing shiny, nothing new. If I had needed the best of everything and waited for the best of everything, I’d still be in the same state of mush in mind-body-soul. Not one set of my first workout expressed any passion or emotion. Not one rep of first workout expressed any passion or emotion. None. The workout was too painful. Everything hurt. Everything ached. My first workout was hell. It was depressing.

I used a shovel handle to do squats and bench presses, a shovel that my poor illiterate #Italian immigrant father used to #digditches. In addition to being a professional #lifter who lifted and carried 1,200 reps of 140 lb. flour bags, during every 8 hour shift, 40 hours minimum every week, Antonio was a #DitchDigger. He dug ditches after work. I had to help dig ditches with him. In the 1960’s #DitchDigger was a derogatory name that people called you as a synonym for Low-IQ Italian. In honour of all #DitchDiggers, I designed a Super-High Intensity workout for me and all my football teams called the #DitchDigger workout, a 5th Degree High Performance workout.

The depths of my first Minus-Zero workout led to a 50-year workout streak in-progress. I have never used new shiny equipment in any of the 3 #basement gyms I built and worked out in. Neither have any of my championship football teams. The reason is Real-Life Lesson #14,516  learned from my poor, illiterate parents – make the most from the least. You will never, ever reach 5th Degree High-Performance if you need the best of everything.

I lift with passion and emotion.

I write with passion and emotion.

I coach with passion and emotion.

I teach with passion and emotion.

I work with passion and emotion.

I live with passion and emotion.

I make zero apologies for doing everything with passion and emotion because that’s how I joyously express my soul

This is an excerpt from another book I just finished during the government shutdown of X Fitness. The book is called Antonio’s World.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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