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Thank you to #football #coaches for your questions last week. Here’s part of the answer:  the difference between winning big and getting killed on #Gameday in Football Poverty is what type of Hostile Culture you build. Hostile Culture has a dual meaning: (i) a team that is a pain in the ass to the other team, or (ii) a team that is a pain in the ass to to itself.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,116 that’s I’ve taught football teams, college #lawenforcement #students, and women’s lifting teams for 45 years: do not be a Hostile Witness.

A Hostile Witness in a criminal investigation is someone pissed off about telling the truth. A Hostile Witness in football is also someone pissed off about telling the truth.

The psychology of building a Championship Culture starts with the truth about work. The Football Establishment loves to romanticize the outcomes in football – the trophies, the rings, the parades, the #followers, the #likes, the #shares, but its easy to conceal the Construction Work, the heavy lifting – dual meaning – needed to change extremely F’d-up rookie attitudes who will contaminate your culture with hostility toward Hard Work, if you tolerate their work-hostility.

I’ve been blessed to have coached extremely challenging rookies at 4 different levels, rookies who were labeled as screw-ups, misfits, and outcasts, rookies who had #BadAttitudes that became warning labels for those who were looking for the Perfect Student-Athlete. The preference for the Perfect Student-Athlete dramatically reduces Coaching Workload. Less Construction Work. Less heavy lifting. The Perfect Student-Athlete preference leads to the Best Recruiter Mentality – dual meaning: (i) Recruit only the best so you you can do the least. (ii) be the best recruiter to win easier.

Nothing is tougher in coaching than changing rookie #BadAttitudes, especially about hard work. Coaching is changing. The more change needed, the greater degree of coaching difficulty. I’ve taught my coaching staff and coaches who ask for career advice – before you invest 100% of your time in X’s & O’s, become an expert in effecting change in #BadAttitudes. If you fail at changing #BadAttitudes, you will lose more than football games. You will lose your mind. You will lose your body. You will lose you soul. 

Rookies with #BadAttitudes are Hostile Witnesses. They’re pissed off about telling the truth regarding:

  1. Missed workouts.
  2. Missed classes.
  3. Missed practices.
  4. Half-assed effort & exertion in the weight room, classroom, and practice field.

Hostile Witnesses will kill your team culture from the inside-out. It doesn’t matter how smart you are with Xs & Os. It doesn’t matter how rich you and your team are. If your culture is infected with Hostile Witnesses who are pissed off about the truth regarding hard work, your team is destined for the #Basement – dual meaning:

  1. Dead-last.
  2. The #basement that has been our #BadAttitude Solution for 4 decades of football coaching.

The #basement was both a crisis and solution in 1984, my rookie year as a 26 year old high school head coach of a Dead Program that was stuck in Dead-Last for decades. It was stuck in the #basement during my entire playing career. It was stuck in the #basement during my 8-year assistant coaching career. It was stuck in the #basement in my rookie head coach year with a deeply embarrassing winless, uncompetitive season. Zero & ten, get killed over and over again. The word pain is included in the word passion for a reason.

Here’s the irony. I knew the #basement solution since 1969 – the #basement was the solution to our #basement. Its easy to be oblivious from the obvious when your vision is blurred by the side-effects of conformity. The #basement solution was the #basement weight room I started in 1969 as an obese, dysfunctional 12 year-old that transformed me in mind-body-soul. It was my solution to winning starting jobs in football, as an 18 year-old rookie cop, as a 21-year old SWAT Team member, and as a 26 year old rookie detective. 

The #basement of my poor illiterate Italian immigrant parent’s house became the original X Fitness. Then I moved the original X Fitness to the #basement of my house. 

After the embarrassment of another year in the #basement in 1984, my #basement at home became weight training headquarters for my high school team that was too poor to have a weight room.

My #basement transformed my team in one off-season from 0-10 to 10-0. 

My #basement was the solution to #BadAttitudes.

My #basement was the solution to Hostile Witness.

My #basement changed the Hostile Culture off-field to Hostile Culture on-field, where hostilities were directed at the other team, not our team.

My #basement has been the solution for my entire coaching career.

Here are the key points that explain why:

  1. The original X Fitness #basement never has been a #gym and never will be a gym. The original X Fitness #basement is a #WorkPlace. Its where we teach how to work hard. It’s where we build Hard Work Habits. It’s where we learn to #love Hard Work instead of hating it.
  2. The original X Fitness #basement has zero distractions – zero windows, zero WiFi, zero phones. Its a pre-Internet Workplace. It’s not part of PMS – Post-Modern Society – that demands and rewards Extreme Comfort that ends up in Extreme Discomfort when they get killed on #Gameday & #Hiring Day. 
  3. We build bodies, not relationships. That ideology worked out. We built families through shared Hard Work, not artificial relationships that #IBS – Internet BullShitters – sell to desperate business owners.
  4. I worked out with my team, every single workout. I didn’t walk around with a clipboard and whistle. Working out with my team is the #1 change agent that transformed #BadAttitudes, Hostile Witnesses, and our Dead Programs & Dysfunctional Cultures.

Bad news. In 2001, I started the current X Fitness. During 20 years as a business owner, I gradually changed from a Bodies Builder to a Relationship Builder. Monumental Mistake. Artificial business relationships are superficial. Surface only. No depth. The result is a Turnstile Business. Come and go. 

Good news. I went back to what works out – Building Bodies. Building Bodies build life-long relationships. Building Bodies builds families. Building Bodies build unbreakable bonds. The Turnstile turned around.

I inform all our customers that X Fitness is not a gym. Its a #WorkPlace. We don’t compete with conventional gyms. We built our own brand with Deep Sets & Sweats. 

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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