4th & hell – dual meaning.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,212 that I’ve taught football players & college law enforcement students for 4 decades – no train, no gain.

One of the top 26 definitions of insanity is not training for it and expecting gains. This applies on any field, in any field. In the gym, on #GameDay, on #FieldDay, during a #MidnightShiftFromHell. 

No train, no gain is the cause of 4th & hell – dual meaning. 4th Down Meltdown and 4th Quarter Slaughter.

The solution to 4th & hell is Real Life&Death Lesson #23,213 – Train and Gain. That’s our governing philosophy for our unofficial world-record No-Kicking Streak. Train hard, gain hard. The fear of going for it on 4th Down is the Voice of the Conscience warning you – you haven’t trained enough. You didn’t lift enough. You didn’t learn enough. Now you don’t trust your offense enough. And you don’t trust your defense enough to get the ball back if you don’t get enough. 

Going for it is rewarding. Getting it is even more rewarding. Going for it sends a message to your team – I believe in you. I trust in you. I trust you trained for it. I trust you worked out and outworked everyone. 

Getting it on 4th Down takes work. Our entire program’s ideology boils down to losing fear of work. Lose fear of work, lose less games. Lose fear of work, lose fear of 4th Down. Lose fear of work and you lose the risk of 4th & Hell. 

The whole point of football is learning the complex Reward-Risk Phenomenon. A Rewarding-Life depends on how you define life rewards. The Law of Proportion governs rewards. Rewards are the outcome of risk-taking – dual meaning. The first meaning is the conventional definition. The second meaning is the unconventional. The first meaning is taking risks you haven’t trained for. The second meaning is taking risks out of the equation by training for it.

The problem that scares the hell out of 98.6% is the concept of #risk. #Risk is one of the top 51 most-butchered words in the English language because risk is usually confused with pain, suffering, losing, and hell. Risk is hell when all you see is hell. When you haven’t trained for it, it’s hell to even think about it. 

The conventional definition of #risk is the Fear of Pain-Gain. Challenges that you fear most are those that threaten you with the most Pain-Gain. The main Pain-Gain is loss – multiple meanings. Loss of what you’ve gained, loss of potential gain, loss of game – dual meaning. Loss of #GameDay and loss of your will to fight harder than the rest – dual meaning.

The difference between winning big and getting killed is what type of risk-taker you are – dual meaning.

(i) Try to gain without training.

(ii) Training and gaining.

No train, no gain. Train & gain.  The solution to Fear of Pain-Gain is by the risk-taking – take the risk out of it by training and eliminating pain-gain.

Here are the major points that we teach our players:

  1. 4th down is an opportunity to gain.
  2. 4th down is not a risk unless you haven’t trained for it.
  3. If you fear 4th & Hell, you know deep down that you failed to go deep down during workouts, class, and practice.
  4. 4th & Hell is the direct result of loss – lost confidence, lost belief, lost trust, that makes you lost. You lose yourself. You lose the ability to joyously express your soul. You become a victim of Remote Control. You become controlled from a distance by The Establishment that forces you to conform to their thinking or else suffer the pain of ridicule that makes you feel like a fool. 
  5. Going for it on 4th down is a tough call that becomes tougher when you have not become tough enough in mind-body-soul.
  6. Policing taught me that tough calls demand big balls to prevent doing F-all or F-ing it all up.
  7. Policing taught me you don’t have the choice to punt the ball when its a tough call and give it away to the other team when its tougher than its seams.
  8. Going for it is not a risk when you remove the risk by working your ass off to remove the risk of incompetence.
  9. When you allow The Establishment to define risk, you will never be a risk-taker. You will never invest in the level of work to take away the risk.
  10. The only real risk-taking is risking it all after you have done F-all. 
  11. If The Establishment doesn’t like what you do, they are afraid of you.
  12. They are afraid of you because you pose a risk to them.
  13. When you pose a risk to your competition, 98.6% will fight a War of Words.
  14. Those who can, fight a War of Works. Those who can’t, fight a War of Words.
  15. Never, ever confuse a challenge as a risk of ridicule. Use their ridicule for fuel.
  16. How much you press determines what pressure does to you on 4th Down or in the 4th Quarter. 
  17. 4th & Hell happens when you avoid the hell needed to excel.

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