4th down, run down.

Taught #football #teams, #college #lawenforcement #students, and women lifting teams for 45 years: The human mind is easily influenced by the easy way out. 

The difference between getting pounded by 300 yards rushing and pounding the other team with 300 yards rushing is how many 300 lbs. reps you bench press & squat.

Heavy bench presses & squats have been our main essential to a 300-yard running game on offense and from getting killed by 300 yard rushing games on defense & special teams.

There’s nothing more embarrassing in football than:

  1. getting run over on defense & special teams.
  2. double-digit single-game rushing by our offense. 
  3. Getting run down on 4th down.
  4. Not running them down on 4th down.

Our team has been taught the following ideology for 40 years:

1. the inability to gain triple-digit rushing yards every game is the #1 sign of workout laziness. 

2. Getting run down on 4th down is evidence that your strength & conditioning program is incompetent.

3. Failing to run them down on 4th down is evidence of #mushball in mind-body-soul, the acceptance of training soft, working soft, becoming soft, playing soft, and willingly allowing yourself to become human tackling dummies and human blocking sleds.

4. If you are too lazy to build #personalbest streaks in bench press & squats, you have been rewarded for laziness.

5. Weight room wins big. Repeat. Weight room wins big.

6. Squat more, run more, win more.

7. Squat more, get run down less.

8. Bench press more, get killed less.

9. Bench press & squat sequence matters. We don’t do the conventional winging it with 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps guesswork. There’s a structured path from minus-zero lifting to the 300-lb. club.

10. The positioning of bench press and squats in your workout determines how strong or weak the rest of your workout it.

11. Our X Fitness Workout System is not bodybuilding or powerlifting or weightlifting or any other PMS – Post-Modern Society – next-big-thing fitness program. Our X Fitness System is evidence-based #FieldSurvival Strength Training.

12. If you refuse to invest 5th Degree Commitment, no problem. Find another team that tolerates half-ass lifting because 5th Degree Commitment is essential to Player-Safety.

13. Our football program is not Pay & Play. Its Pay To Play. 

14. Pay & Play is paying money and getting guaranteed playing time, no matter what. No matter what shape you’re in in mind-body-soul.

15. Pay To Play is paying the full price of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual investment to earn playing time.

16. Working out builds the Natural Equipment needed to play #BloodSports & #BloodWorks to prevent getting killed.

17. 300 yards rushing and preventing 300 yards rushing is an outcome of 300 lb. lifting. 

18. Xs & Os will not work out if you don’t work out.

Taught over 25,000 students & athletes:

  1. Can’t work #Frontline online. 
  2. Time to shine when lives are on the line. 
  3. If mind-body-soul strength don’t matter to you today, you won’t matter on #HiringDay. 
  4. By the time you make a New Year’s Resolution, you will be someone’s substitution.  

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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