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Surviving the #BloodBath: The Psychology of 5th Degree High-Performance

Here’s Real-life Lesson #18,018 that I’ve taught all my football teams and college law enforcement students for 40 years: you have two choices every day to survive the #BloodBath of high risk sports and high-risk professions — get #StrongerAndSmarter or #WeakerAndDumber. You choose the pain of discomfort of getting #strongerandsmarter or the eventual pain of comfort that makes you suffer from getting #weakeranddumber. You choose between the pain of getting #strongerandsmarter or the worse pain of getting #weakeranddumber.

The choice you make determines whether you #WinBig or #GetMauled, whether you achieve #PersonalBests and reach your full #Personal Best or whether you settle for #PersonalWorsts and sink to your #PersonalWorst.

The choice determines where you and your team end up – first place or dead-last, whether your team achieves #TeamBests and reaches #TeamBest or sinks to #TeamWorst.

The toughest exercise of all is the exercise of #FreeWill. Free Will isn’t free. It’s costly. Its expensive. There’s a price that has to be paid to have it made.

Gino Arcaro


Chapter 1                                                                   #Custody

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Held in #custody or released from #custody. That’s Real-life Lesson #17,888 that I have taught all my #football players for 40 years, college #lawenforcement students for 2 decades, and my #WomensLiftingTeams since 1992.

You have the choice to lock up your #potential in custody deep down inside you or release your #potential from inner custody.

That sick feeling inside you is your buried God-given gifts and talents trying to escape from custody. The anxiety you feel is your potential trying to break loose from custody before being held in custody break you. That unsettled nervousness you feel is a symptom of Underachieving Hell, of wasting opportunities, wasting time, wasting energy, wasting life in an environment that makes you #weakeranddumber while abandoning those who are dedicated to making you #strongerandsmarter.

I’ve taught all my 25,000-plus students & athletes to be extremely careful what you pour your #passion into. You either pour your #passion into living #vicariously or living #furiously. You either spectate or participate. You live as a tourist or an attraction.

Toughest exercise of all is the exercise of free will. The #1 sign of an unfulfilled life is Expression of Dissatisfaction – rage, conflict, complaining, whining, contempt, criticism, Schadenfreudism. The more bitter you are, the less better you get.

The solution to the pain of Underachieving Hell is join the right #team. Joining the right team is one of the 51 Elements of Change. The right team is a #DynamicTeam that will make you #strongerandsmarter every day. Making a New Year’s Resolution is a waste of breathe, ink, and storage space without a 5th Degree High-Performance Lifting Environment that has the will, the capacity, the expertise, the practical experience to build 5th Degree S&M – Strength & Muscle in mind-body-soul.

I’ve taught all my teams for 43 years that you either get #strongerandsmarter or #weakeranddumber every day. If you don’t choose to get #strongerandsmarter, someone else will. They will #WinBig, you #LoseBig. Losing Big is the outcome of breaking fast and breaking first by being #weakeranddumber than your competition. You can accept the truth or lie, deny, and make alibis. Free will is a tough exercise.

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We bombard every fiber of mind-body-soul every X Fitness No-Break Workout to prevent the dread of Underachieving Hell. We always have been dedicated and always will be dedicated #ToLift, to getting you #strongerandsmarter, to making you #Unbreakable, to helping you to become #groundbreakers. If you don’t, someone else will.

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Blessings and all good things



There’s nothing tougher than watching people suffer – dual meaning.

First meaning: Watching people suffer while making their dreams come alive.

Second meaning: Watching people suffer after their dreams die.

My #1 mission for 43 years as a football coach, strength coach, and college law enforcement professor/program coordinator has been and always will be Dream-Facilitator. I have to #ServeAndProtect dreams. I have to defend students and athletes against Dream-Killing and Dream-Killers. I have to fight to prevent my students and athletes from suffering from the pain of dreams dying. And I have to fight to make their dreams come true. Both fights are hell – fighting to save my teams from the hell of broken dreams and fighting to push my teams to work like hell, to go through hell, to make their dreams happen. I have to stop one type of suffering and cause another type of suffering. I have to stop the pain and suffering of student-athlete #DeadDreams. And I have to start the pain and suffering of keeping dreams alive by getting all the 25,000-plus student-athletes I’ve coached and taught #smarterandstronger.

That process of stopping suffering and causing suffering has been a #BloodBath between broken dream and built dreams, every day of my 43-year coaching and teaching career. Every class I have taught, every workout, practice and GameDay I’ve coached has involved a #BloodBath, the deadly fight between getting #strongerandsmarter and getting #weakeranddumber. The #BloodBath cuts them up in mind-body-soul – dual meaning. It can makes them lean by getting them ripped in mind-body-soul or it can rip their hearts out when they get #cut from a ruthless Darwinian Process that selects only those who fully committed to getting #strongerandsmarter.

The #BloodBath is both a prerequisite and a consequence. The #BloodBath is a potential consequence that can make you bleed in mind-body-soul. The #BloodBath is a potential consequence of high-risk professions and high-risk sports that can make you a #CutVictim who ends up on a cutting table in the morgue, surgery room, or rehab centre to stop the bleeding physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually and to stop the the additional pain and suffering of substance abuse used to self-medicate the bleeding.

The #BloodBath is a prerequisite to prevent the consequence of bleeding. The #BloodBath is the #process, the natural struggle that accompanies the #strongerandsmarter journey. The #BloodBath is the #path of structured outcomes, the seamless continuum of learning outcomes and performance outcomes that lead to the next level and the next and the next on the #path to becoming a #groundbreaker, an #unbreakable force of nature and nurture who achieves 5th Degree High-Performance physically, intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually.

One #BloodBath is needed to prevent the other #BloodBath. The natural struggle #BloodBath requires spilling 5th Degree Blood and Guts. The #DeadDream #Bloodbath spills blood and guts from the pain of sorrow that leads to S.A.D. – stress, anxiety, depression.

An adolescent’s dreams are Sacred. An adolescent’s dreams are the pulse and heartbeat that transitions to health adulthood in mind-body-soul. But the #LeadBlockers won’t let dreams materialize without a fight. The #LeadBlocker is the enemy, the main blocker of actualizing human potential, of building the God-given gifts and talents that we all have been born with. The enemy has one mission – #DreamKilling. The enemy becomes the #LeadBlocker that obstructs justice, referring to the intended outcome of every human’s Divine Calling.

I’ve been blessed to have witnessed big-league dreams turn into reality from scratch by Minus-Zero Underdog student-athletes who started from scratch, below zero on a staggered starting line of real-life. They had to play catch-up just to reach zero. The journey they travelled to become #groundbreakers was a #SacredPath that they cut that built 5th Degree S&M – strength & muscle – in mind-body-soul to prevent the #BloodBath of getting cut in mind-body-soul and prevent them from getting #cut from contention and from getting #cut from section during the Darwinian natural struggle. But I have also witnessed #DeadDreams largely caused by DNA Abuse – Drugs ’N Alcohol. Some who lost the fight with DNA temptation, died officially. Others suffered #DreamDeath. But the cause of death in both official and unofficial deaths was the same – #DreamKilling, caused by premeditated murder that manifested through killer decisions.

I’ve taught all my teams for 43 years that dream-Killing is a crime. Killing a dream is either self-inflicted murder or externally-inflicted murder. The suspects in every #DreamDeath are Dream-Killers. Dream-Killers are violent offenders who use deadly force to kill dreams that you were born to fulfill. Dream-Killers are #LeadBlockers – people and/or circumstances that are leading blockers of potential that try like hell to bury your God-given gifts and talents. #LeadBlockers are the #1 enemy that you and your team have to beat. The toughest, nastiest #LeadBlockers are inside your head. The other #LeadBlockers are in the heads of other people who conspire those in your head to make your dreams dead.

#LeadBlockers are anyone or anything that screw up your head until your dreams are dead.


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