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New England Patriots did the impossible.

11 consecutive AFC East Division titles. That should be impossible to do in Post-Modern NFL but the New England Patriots did the impossible yesterday.

I am not a Patriots fan or a Buffalo Bills fan or an NFL fan but I still have a #SportsPageAddiction that is almost 60 years old. One reason why I don’t watch NFL games is an #EnergyCrisis – all my football energy has been invested in coaching football in Athletic Poverty for 40 years. I don’t have the energy or desire to watch #RichPeople play football and #RichPeople coach the #RichPeople who play. I love watching my #PoorPeople play on my #PoorTeams beating #RichTeams.

The TVs were on the Bill-Patriots pre-game shows. Many of the #Experts predicted a Bills win. The Patriots had nobody they said. This was the #BillsTime.

I made the mistake of watching the Bills final drive. It was painful. I vicariously felt the pain of thinking of my Team Rule #26 – there’s nothing more embarrassing that not scoring inside the 10 with the game on the line. Nothing. Not scoring inside their 10 is 4th & Hell – the hell of 4th quarter breakdown.

The NFL should have a demotion system where teams drop to B division if they can’t win a title after 11 years.

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Blessings and all good things

Gino Arcaro

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