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Play #5 SWAT No-Huddle offense

This play was called within the context of a final drive, less than 1:30 mins remaining, down by 8, 2nd and 4.

Starting formation: shotgun, 21. Two backs, single-TE, 1×2

Final formation: 13. Single-back, triple bunch TE. 1×3. Charlie shifts from WR to wing. Foxtrot shift from backfield to double-wing.

Passing objectives:

i. 3 receivers deep

ii. attack both flats

iii. mesh with Bravo & X-ray

iv. create 2 high-low binds.

Key points:

  1. man-buster + zone-buster
  2. QB has discretion to drop 3 or 5 steps
  3. There are 2 possible front-sides called.
  4. The best front side is the left half of the field.

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Blessings + all good things

Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP level 3






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