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Play of the Day #1

Every play posted is part of a context.

This is play #1 on a final drive versus Buffalo State College JV in our first year playing collegiate football in the USA. The score was 38-30 Buffalo State. First and 1o on our 4-yard line. 1:56 left in the game. No timeouts. Ball of the left hash mark. We ran a warp-speed no-huddle the whole game. Our goal is to call every play at the LOS within 8 seconds of the ball being spotted and the play whistled in.

Starting formation = shotgun, 2 backs 1×2, TE flexed online in the slot

Motion called – FB to offline slot. Becomes X.

Coach calls frontside – Bravo and Charlie run double-post.

QB calls backside. Alpha runs 6-set and in.

X crosses at 30-degrees to attack frontside flat

Tango releases to the lowest part of the backside flat – 2 yards past LOS

Frontside objective: Bravo stretches coverage, Charlie fills the void left by Bravo, X-ray fills void left by Charlie. Alpha runs seam dividing deep + short zone, if zone coverage.

Backside objective:  Tango is the lone backside receiver attacking the shallow flat.

QB drop = his discretion – 3 or 5 steps.

No read progression – QB Reads the BOARD according to SWAT System.

QB does not read coverage because this play is both a man-buster and zone-buster

Pass completed to X-Ray. 7 yard gain. Stayed inbounds.

QB release time = 2.7 seconds

2nd and 3. Clock running.

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