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Never fear the competition

Here’s Real-life Lesson #10,716 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for 2 decades – never fear the competition.

The competition looks tough, sounds tough, acts tough but the competition is governed by the 10-90 Rule – sound like fun until it has to get done.

Over 90% will never stick it out fully. Over 90% will never invest the reps, not physically, not intellectually, to win big. Over 90% don’t have the heart for it when all hell breaks loose. Over 90% will invest more time on screens that on their dreams. Over 90% will press more keyboards than weights.

Over 90% will get hammered at the bar than lift the bar. Over 90% will break rather than break limits. Over 90% let Limited Beliefs strangle their potential. Over 90% are afraid of the level of work truly needed to win big on any field, in any field. Over 90% run from adversity instead of fighting through it. Over 90% will not get up when they’ve been knocked down. Over 90% are scared to death of leaving their safe place. Over 90% are terrified of leaving their comfort zone. Over 90% fear any level of discomfort working out, during practice, and when the game is truly on the line.

Over 90% lose their fight when someone fights back. Over 90% will take days off when overtime is needed. Over 90% will invest more energy into excuses than solutions. Over 90% will justify off-days – dual meaning. Being off their game and taking another day off just to fit in.

Over 90% will never, ever fully commit to anything, anyone, any team, and go all-in, no matter what, no matter the pain, no matter the hurt, no matter the struggle, no matter the sacrifice.

Over 90% never have been taught the work ethic to Win Big and never will. Over 90% will never, ever invest all their heart and soul for their team. Over 90% will never bleed for anyone. Over 90% will never spill their guts for the success of someone else on their team. Over 90% will never, ever, ever, ever push past their limits. Over 90% will never, ever cross the threshold that separates average, mediocrity from the highest level of true championship performance. Over 90% will never give up their next meal. Over 90% will never give up their next party. Over 90% will never give up their next hang-over. But, over 90% will just give up when the worst hell breaks loose.

That’s why the competition is never to be feared or focused on. Focus 100% on being a 10%er. Fully immerse yourself on being a 10%er and you will never have anything to fear and will never fear anyone. Fear is the product of knowing you didn’t do enough. Fear is the outcome of not knowing enough. Do enough and learn enough and you will never fear and worry enough.

First set tonight at 6:30 in #TheBasement of X Fitness. Every team I’ve ever coached has been taught to out-lift, outwork all the competition. When your mind tells you that you’ve had enough, think of the 10%ers who are doing more. Think of having to face a 10%er who isn’t afraid of you or afraid of pain or afraid of overtime. Thinking of having to fight a 10%er will make you a 1.4%er, an unstoppable, unbeatable force of nature and nurture. While the rest are posting selfies and scrolling, be different. Don’t fall in the trap of PMS – Post-Modern Softness that celebrates and reward half-ass, mediocrity, and outright incompetence.


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Gino Arcaro

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