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39 minutes that lift

Got in my car to go to the gym last night pissed off. Winter blues. Dark, freezing cold. Vitamin D deprivation. Picked up my granddaughter earlier. Shoulder almost snapped. Couldn’t straighten up. She’s only one but I could tell she was embarrassed – ‘this old guy can’t lift much.’ The drive to my gym pissed me off more. Couldn’t warm up. Some asshole ran a stop sign. Had to swerve to avoid getting cracked up. Couldn’t find a parking spot. Slipped on the ice. Worried that I would embarrass myself working out with my Womens Lifting Team. Had to tell a customer, “I don’t work here.” But then it happened. 39 minutes. Record-breaking workout by my Womens Lifting Team. Here’s my point: wake up. There are Sacred Moments waiting to take your breath away. Open your heart, open your eyes, and most of all, open your mind. Your mind can be your strength or weakness. Its your choice. I’m blessed to have had a front row seat for 43 years, eyewitnessing the improbable by the unlikely. Seriously, no one has seen what I have seen – Dynamic Teams, Dynamic Performances, Dynamic Team Energy. Year after year. Week in, week out. Night in, night out. It never gets old. There’s more to the story of 39 minutes but it won’t make sense because it has to be experienced to be believed. May you all experience your own 39 minutes today that will lift you in mind, body, and soul. #muchlove #soulofalifter Blessings and all good things #peace

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