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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #25,093 that I’ve taught football teams and college law enforcement students for 40 years: The image in your mind determines how much you grind.  

And how much you grind determines how much ground you break.

My 15 year police career taught me that ordinary goals are not enough when things get extremely tough. When its time to do more than enough, intention must exceed what conventional thinking defines as #enough. Our football program adopted that ideology. We teach our student-athletes to re-define conventional thinking in order to do the unconventional. Doing the unconventional is #groundbreaking – dual meaning. Doing what The Establishment say can’t be done. And breaking ground in pursuit of 300 yards rushing every single game. 

300 yards single-game rushing, by one rusher or by the entire backfield, became our Work Standard after getting killed in my winless rookie high school head coach season in 1984. Not just a goal, a Standard of Living, a way of football life dependent on the Law of Demand & Supply – demand more, supply more. And vice-versa.  Demand less, supply less.

After the 1984 season, our team weight room moved from a closet at the high school I coached at as an outsider, to the #basement of my family home, the original X Fitness. I posted a sign on the wall – 300 Club. Here’s what I posted beneath it:

300 lbs = 300 yards.

Admission to the 300 lb. club was any rep(s) of squats and/or bench press, with a total of 300 lbs. counting the bar. Our research showed that Law of Proportion governs pounds lifted and points scored. 300 yards rushing guaranteed outscoring any opponent, regardless of how rich the the opponent was financially or in talent.

300 yards rushing per game does not just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight. The 300 lb. Squat + Bench Press is not the only element. But it’s one of our #essentials needed to achieve three connected objectives:  (i) player safety (ii) beat rich teams. (iii) get as many players as humanly possible to the #NextLevel. 

Here are the key teaching points:

  1. The 300 Club sign creates a powerful mental image. That image is essential for all crucial decision-making involved in the #StrongerandSmarter Construction Work.
  2. All achievement on the field and off the field, in the gym, are the outcomes of decisions including: (i) weight selection (ii) rep selection (iii) set selection (iv) effort invested.
  3. The amount of effort invested is the result of decisions made consciously and subconsciously, related to a number of factors including rewards.
  4. The image of 300 yards single game rushing is one of the top 26 rewarding images, connected to player-safety, winning championships, and reaching the #NextLevel.
  5. Pursuit matters. Very few will gain admission into the 300 Club before high school graduation. But the pursuit of the 300 Club translates to proportionate yards rushing per game. Examples 250 = 250. 225 = 225. 200 = 200.
  6. Pursuing 300 lb. squats and bench press builds an unmatched level of mental strength that refuses to settle for minimum return on the field.
  7. Points scored are directly proportionate to yards gain rushing. Our 40 year research has produced a general formula that accurately predicts points scored in relation to yards gained rushing.
  8. Another formula has been developed that predicts the percentage probability of a win according to yard gained rushing.
  9. Pounds to ground-gained to points has been simplified to one basic philosophy that governs our offense, defense, and special teams production – pounds to points.
  10. The image of converting pounds to points guarantees a dramatic commitment to the grind. 

Conclusion: The image in your mind determines how much you grind – dual meaning. How much effort you invest in the weight room and how many yards rushing you grind out every single game day.

There is no generic way to coach football. Some coaches & players have to fit football into their lives. Others have the luxury of making football their entire lives. Coaching football is entirely different when coaches and players have to fit football into life. Those who have a life outside of football have to coach differently to survive. Football coaching has never been my life – not financially, not professionally. But I still have to serve & protect player’s lives the same way all coaches do. Here’s my point – the way we coach football differs according to our reality, according to our circumstances. The ultimate goal is to find a way to save player’s live, to make them #strongerandsmarter with the time and resources we have been given with. Sharing coaching systems is not a pissing contest between the rich and the poor. Its simply a way enlighten each other, regardless of what reality your program exists in.

X Fitness has been deeply & profoundly committed to give FREE coaching to players and coaches on the football field, in the gym, and online for 45 years.  New #podcast compliments of X Fitness at:

Football coaching has never been easy. It’s getting tougher ever day. Without life-long learning, you stop earning – wins and jobs.

#MUCHLOVE #Soulofalifter

Blessings & all good things


Gino Arcaro

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