1st & goal from the one

Thank you to football coaches for your questions. Here’s part of my answer:

Here’s a case study:

  • Our ball, on our one. 99 yards away from the end zone.
  • Two choices: (i) call it 1st & 10 from our one. Or, (ii) 1st & goal from the one.
  • We call it 1st & goal from the one because: (i) performance is connected to perception. (ii) Conventional Thinking defines 1st & goal as one yard from the end zone. (iii) we teach Original Thinking because Real Life&Death demands Original Thinking, not Conventional Thinking.
  • 1st & goal from our one creates a Scoring Mindset, a special mindset void of fear. Without that Scoring Mindset, 1st down from our one becomes 1st & goal for the other team’s defense.
  • 1st & 10 from our one is not the worst field position for our offense. Its the best field position for our offense because the defense has the most field to cover – 99 yards x 53.3 yards.
  • The most field to cover puts the defense in a tactical bind & fitness bind.
  • The most field to cover amplifies the pursuit angle errors. Just one pursuit angle mistake by the defense will result in a score.
  • Perception governs production. 1st & goal from our one is a Perception of Expectation. We expect to score anywhere on the field, on any down. That’s not just motivational bullshit to entertain during practice speeches and #Gamday speeches. It constitutes deep & profound program-governing ideology that raises the bar in play-calling and play-execution. 
  • 1st & 10 from your one can make you tense or make the defense tense. 
  • 1st & 10 from your one can terrify you or energize you.
  • 1st & 10 from your one can frighten you or frighten them.
  • It depends on your Real Life&Death experience. Every Real Life&Death experience is the equivalent of 1st &10 from your one. You either get it done or you are done. 
  • If 1st & 10 from your one scares you, you have never trained for it, never experienced it. 

Here’s another case study:

  1. First down from our one. You get the ball and break through. You’re at mid-field. Then their 40, 30. The worst embarrassment to self, team, and the entire sport is to run out of gas before the end zone.
  2. We teach our players – if you can’t sprint the entire field, you don’t belong on the field.
  3. After you score, the entire offense including the O-Line has to sprint the entire field to line-up for a 2-point conversion. We don’t kick. Ever. 
  4. Another embarrassment is a Delay of Game penalty because of running out of gas while running the entire field to line up for 2.
  5. And, this case study represents just one play. There’s still more plays in the remaining 59-plus minutes.
  6. We teach our players that sprints & strength training are essential to prevent these two embarrassments and to ensure player-safety.
  7. The #1 threat to player-safety is being unfit.
  8. Take a hit while being unfit will make your quit – dual meaning.
  9. Consequently, Sprint Training is not random. Its not an unstructured training program.
  10. We calculate the Anticipated Distance – the anticipated number of yards that we travel in 60 minutes. We design our Sprint Training accordingly.
  11. The same applies to Strength Training. Sets & Reps are calculated by need.
  12. Our formula is Supersets-Sprints-Sled. All sets & reps are designed on purpose – dual meaning. 
  13. Character is built in the off-season. Every single trait & characteristic that will transfer to Real Life&Death survival is taught and learned in Strength Training in the gym and on the practice field.
  14. We have never called it #conditioning or #warmups. We call it 5th Degree S&M – strength & muscle building in mind-body-soul.


  1. 1st & 10 from your one is either 1st & goal for you or for them.
  2. Change your perception, change your production.
  3. 1st & 10 from your one forces you to fight & run the full-field or run away and give away.
  4. Train like hell to prevent the worst hell.
  5. Winging it won’t work out. Structured learning outcomes and structured training outcomes produce winning scoreboard outcomes. 

Football coaching has never been easy. It’s getting tougher every day. Without life-long learning, you stop earning – wins and jobs.

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