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The best way to celebrate a life is to keep its spirit alive. Phil Morin died earlier this week.This map shows King St. & 5th St, Welland, where his gym – Phil's Health Center – was located. Phil's was the first gym I joined in 1975, at 18 when I was a rookie cop. I was in year 6 of my workout streak. Had only worked out in my parent's basement, never in public. Phil signed me up, gave me a tour of the basement, and said, "This is a serious gym." The basement at Phil's was the hardest of hardcore. Powerful energy hit you the moment you opened the door. PMS calls it intimidating today. No cell phones, no selfies, no scrolling, no socializing, no softies, no shiny equipment, no flexing. It was the #Heavyweight Division of lifting. Had to be experienced to be believed. I worked out at Phil's until it closed. Phil's was the second place that shaped my hardcore gym ideology. I never have and never will compromise. I am a gym purist and always will be. I built three basement X Fitness gyms since Phil's closed. Subconsciously, I built each one in Phil's image. I'm blessed to have been a part of Phil's Lifting Culture. I'm blessed that over half of my 49 year workout streak happened during the Pre-Internet Era. I'm blessed today with a team that connects me back to 1975 every workout. May you all have at least one workout from 1975 in your lifetime. RIP Phil. #MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter Blessings and all good things #peace

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