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19-year gym business anniversary

Today is my gym’s 19th anniversary. I started X Fitness from scratch in 2001, long before our competition started, before social media, before PMS – Post-Modern Society – replaced #ScoringTime with #ScrollingTime.  There is nothing harder to sell than working out. Nothing. No exceptions. I did not inherit my gym. My poor illiterate Italian immigrant parents, Antonio and Maria, did not hand over a fortune for me to start my business. Starting an independent gym from scratch with your own money is the highest business risk that no self-professed business expert can understand unless they have lived it.   

Surviving 19 years as an independent startup gym from scratch is an ongoing David versus Goliath #streetfight. There’s no bell, no stoppage in the fight until someone drops out. Surviving 19 years in the gym business takes more than the conventional characteristics and skills listed in conventional business books and leadership books. It takes characteristics and skills that you won’t read about in books, courses, and daily social media #bullshit by alleged gurus who post cheerleading videos and positive thinking captions in the useless #RaceForLikes.

Real-life gym business is unlike any other business. You can’t learn how to survive as a gym owner by reading books by people who studied business from the safety of a research lab, who never have lived it by making an independent gym work out from scratch, or by scrolling social media listening to alleged experts who have never lived your specific reality.

98.6% of humans will not work out ever or forever. 98.6% of humans will never match my 50-year workout streak, all-natural, steroid-free. The only way to get rich in the gym business is to find people like me who need to workout out for #life – dual meaning. For quality of life and for their entire life That’s why owning a gym is different than owning any other business. I have the evidence to prove the 98.6% Rule based on 43 years of research emerging from my coaching career. My sample size is 26,000-plus people I have coached, 14,000-plus I’ve worked with, and 21,000-plus gym members. The total is 61,000-plus people.

Selling fitness is completely different than selling DNA – Drugs ’N Alcohol. There is zero connection between selling hardcore workouts and selling liquor, wine, beer, and cannabis, legal or illegal. There is zero connection between selling hardcore workouts and selling junk food, exotic vacations, big cars, big houses, big electronic toys, and all the other PMS – Post-Modern Society – pleasure that have zero effect or impact on making you #strongerandsmarter every day.

15 years taught me to deal in Reality based on hardcore evidence, not wishful thinking generated by scrolling and reading feel-good theories by self-proclaimed experts who have never ,ever lived the experience of selling hardcore workouts. Here’s my point – there are compound, complex skills that you need to develop to #StayAlive during 19 years of owning a gym, including #StayingAlive in mind-body-soul. Don’t get fooled. Don’t fool yourself. 15 years of policing exposed me to countless people who falsely represent who they truly are. I learned how to evaluate credibility to survive. I learned to never give the Presumption of Competence to anyone. Competence and credibility have to be proved. The onus to prove is on the the person asserting. S/he who asserts must prove.

Here’s what I posted on Instagram @xfitnesswelland:

Longevity is the cumulative effect of love, joy, how you lift each other, and how you lift with each other.

19th anniversary today for X Fitness.

Thank you to all members, past and present.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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