15-45-75 degrees of separation

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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,822 from our SWAT No-Huddle System that I’ve taught football players for 40 years – no play is run in isolated. Here are the key points we teach:

  1. Each play we call is connected to past plays and future plays forming a Continuum of Plays that create #context. 
  2. It’s humanly impossible to understand the deep meaning of any play without putting it in context.
  3. Memorizing and recalling plays is the worst form of play-calling
  4. Call a play and recalling it constitutes regurgitation, not deep comprehension.
  5. Contextual Learning is the heart & soul of our SWAT No-Huddle System.
  6. We don’t memorize. We translate.
  7. The above formation is one example of a point-of-reference that we use to teach a limitless concept. 
  8. This formation can build unlimited pass plays and running plays at the line of scrimmage without a conventional playbook, without winging it, without needing a gigantic coaching staff, and without all the limitless resources that rich teams have.
  9. The formation is a 3×1 11 – trips, single-back, single TE. 
  10. The formation is the product of 2 shifts – the Charlie receiver from right to left slot and the X-man from the backfield to the left slot.
  11. The 3-receiver side forms a Slot-Bunch, referring to a Wishbone formation that has won a ton of games and championships for us when used the Wishbone in the backfield.
  12. Slot-Bunch transfers the Wishbone from the backfield to the left slot.
  13. The 4 receivers run a limitless combination of slant patterns that attack 3 depth-levels of the downfield midline or cross it. 
  14. The slant patterns are measured by degrees – 15 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees.
  15. 15-45-75 degree routes have no vertical release. The first step is either 15-45-75 degrees. 
  16. Objective – gain separation by sprinting one straight path at different angles that gains maximum separation – dual meaning. From each other and from defenders.
  17. The 15-45-75 passing concept are both zone-busters and man-busters.
  18. The head coach and QB use the SWAT play-calling system. They collaborate on the call at the LOS. The head coach calls the front-side. The QB calls the backside. All within 8 seconds after the ball is spotted.
  19. The same route concepts are used for downfield blocking on running plays.
  20. We don’t read defenses. 
  21. We don’t use read progressions.
  22. The QB applies the SWAT B.O.M.B. principle – Best Open Man Board – instead of the conventional read progression.
  23. B.O.M.B. requires The QB to see The Board, scan it, find the open-man using Instinct & Intuition developed by #AfterBurner Reps – high-intensity superset practice reps.

Make the Most with The Least. Build the best with the worst.

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