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How I saved myself from hell

Five years ago, I stepped up on the scales at X Fitness on my 50th birthday. I never weigh myself but I made an exception because I felt heavier. I gained 14 pounds. I rationalized that I was lifting heavier. Two years later, I quit my job that was killing me – body, mind, soul. My bodyfat plunged. Reason? Cortisol. It has all sorts of fun nicknames – Stress Hormone, Death Hormone, Fat Hormone, Fight/Flight Hormone. The moment you get stressed, the cortisol hose opens full blast. Cortisol is fuel to help you physically fight. But if all you do is sit on your ass after you prepare for battle, you’ll get fat. Guaranteed. Unused cortisol piles on blubber. It’ll blow you up as much as junk food. Maybe more.

Here’s a fun research project for women and men of all ages – try going two weeks without senseless conflict and drama that riles you up and burns your guts. See if you get leaner. Then try another two weeks. And another. Check out your definition. Add some serious lifting and running. Then subtract thousands of fat-piling calories. Replace garbage with protein and good carbs. Then lift some more, run some more. Here’s the key – stop fighting. Yourself and others. Avoid senseless conflict of all kind. Here’s what I do – cover your eyes if F-bombs offend you….when people want to fight, I tell them to go fuck themselves. I realize that F-bombs are vile and immature but it works for me to escape the evil stress of fighting over meaninglessness. It sets me free from the temptation to engage in juvenile drama. It brings peace at the moment of war.

My bodyfat is at an all-time low because I have escaped the hell of fighting meaningless fights. I thank God Almighty every day for a series of events that opened my eyes and my mind to the path of inner destruction I was traveling toward. I give thanks to God Almighty after every workout. I give thanks to God Almighty after every run. And I give thanks to God Almighty the moment I open my eyes because I don’t have to fight hell. Part 2 tomorrow.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team

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